Monday, February 8, 2010

Anime Impressions - Makai Senki Disgaea.

I thought I'd start up another column for my blog, although I don't know how frequent it will be, I wanted to talk a bit about the anime series I've been watching most recently-Makai Senki Disgaea, the Disgaea anime.

I've not been watching much anime in a while, so I can't really say much about this in relation to the other stuff that has come out in the past few months, or anything about them in general. There is a huge pile of anime I want to get through, and doubt I will get round to half of it at least (I still wanna watch Soul Eater, D.Gray-man, the new Full Metal Alchemist series and Haruhi stuff, and a lot more) I will probably try to watch more anime from now on. I used to watch a lot, and maybe this column-which I'll do whenever I want to give some impressions of the series I'm watching will encourage me to watch some more stuff. =D

So here goes, some of my impressions on the Disgaea anime, Maki Senkai Disgaea

I've just finished watching all 12 episodes and although it has some quite funny bits and some interesting episodes, there is like no story continuity between each episode (or barely any). It more or less follows the 'monster of the week' template for the most part, but it does capture a good bit of the quirkiness that the Disgaea games have. Towards the end though, it starts to get quite interesting. 

The 12 episodes follow Prince Laharl and the characters from the first Disgaea game. In fact, it quite closely resembles the story of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness/Afternoon of Darkness/Disgaea DS (different versions of the same game, the first in the series.) with some differences and changes to parts here and there. This brings me onto what I would say is one of the main flaws for this series. It really feels quite low budget, perhaps rushed. I am convinced that it suffers from being 'the anime of the game.' It is too closely based on the events of the game and feels quite recycled and low quality in places. I mentioned it was perhaps low budget...I don't know, I just get that feeling because in some places, you have bits of action sequences which are static, with sound playing over it. I've seen that before in anime, I think it is to cut corners on the budget, but I'm not sure. It also has the same music and enemies as the game, taken straight out of the game. I would have liked it if it was more loosely based on the game.

It does have some poor humour, but it does also have Prinnies! =D They are awesome! And some of the stuff Flonne and Etna do is hilarious.

One of the major dissapointments for me though, was the animation and I guess the style of it. I love the style of the Disgaea games, in terms of character design. Here are some links:

This anime, however doesn't always have the unique character art that the games have, instead, it looks kinda rushed and done quickly. Perhaps even low budget in places. Not the best or most memorable character designs, even if they are based off the game characters (and the personalities have been well translated I guess)

So I'd rate it something like a 7/10. 

Its pretty good as a comedy anime which succeeds at cramming the events of Disgaea into 12 episodes, but it wouldn't really win any awards from me. Look it up if you are big fans of the series, or looking for a quick laugh from a short series. Its 12 eps and has some quite good comedy moments.


So what will I be watching next? Hmm... I've got a couple seasons of stuff I've still not watched. Ergo Proxy, Noein, Samurai Champloo and tonnes more. I dunno, I'll think of something and maybe write another Anime Impressions post when I get into it. It'll probably something from my DVD stack so I can watch it on the big fuckoff massive TV =D

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