Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Work...and other stuff

My net has been much slower than usual for the past few days, so I havent been able to get on any sites or post here. It was taking ages to load up websites, but the connection was fine, according to the diagnosis I did and the unhelpful(read useless, timewasting) helpline.

It seems its back to normal now, which is good, but strange, as I didnt do anything to it to cause this, or fix it....

Anyway, i finished watching Gundam Wing and the OVA Endless Waltz finally. Seriously awesome stuff.

I've also been inspired by watching the series (and reading Sgt Frog lol) to start collecting gunpla (gundam model kits) and mecha action figures again. Got Revoltech 26: Eva 05 Wings Ver. Which I think is one of the best Revoltech figures if not the best.

Also got a few SD Gundam kits which are really good value for the price (less than £10 each on mech-a.com where I got em)

Work at uni is starting to pile up, I now have my essay for Palaeoclimates and 2 posters for my portfolio as well as the main thing this semester, my lab project. If I can get the minor stuff out the way asap I can concentrate on the lab project...stupid diatoms

(Diatom :o)

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