Monday, November 30, 2009

Now Playing - "Guns and women"

I've mostly been playing Final Fantasy VIII this week, I got to a point on disc 2 where my disc didn't let me progress-its quite badly scratched and some cutscenes jump and stop completely. So that put my game on hold for a few days until the weekend when I borrowed my friend's copy of the game so I could progress.

So I've just left Fisherman's Horizon now, I quite like that place, nice scrap-industrial style to it. I forgot about a lot of the stuff here in the story because I haven't played it as much as the earlier parts of the game and it was ages since I last played this part onwards. 

Anyway, what the hell is with Quistis assigning herself and Xu some posts in the garden? I'm in charge now, and I if I had a choice, she would be demoted even further. I don't like Quistis, she is annoying and fucked things up when we had to assassinate the sorceress by being a whiney bitch. "Omg, I was too hard on Rinoa, I should go apologise right now when we just so happen to have something incredibly important to do at a certain time" Fuck that...

Also, I kinda wish that the Mayor of FH got killed in the end, he acted like a close-minded pacifist, but something about him annoyed me ever so slightly, maybe the way he didn't even consider other ways of going about doing things. I mean, yeah, it really worked trying to talk to the invading Galbadian forces and reason with them.... /facepalm

Anyway, tangent aside, I now am at that point in an rpg when you get a whole load of freedom and world map to explore (usually resulting from the party's acquisition of some kind of vehicle ie. airship, boat, garden!?) So I'm considering going and trying to get some of the optional GFs I can get now, like Tonberry, Phoenix, (Odin), Chocobo (according to the guide). The only one I can remember how to get is Tonberry, but I'll have a think and see if I wanna try get a few of them or just fire on with the story. 

One thing I have liked so far about the story is the way they are not giving much away, it is frustrating because I know basically nothing about what is going on and I am on disc 2. It does however keep me interested, because I want to know what happens as the story progresses. What is the deal with Laguna, the "dream world" and Ellone, what is the real story behind the SEEDs, Cid and Edea? Those are some of the questions that are bugging me right now. I can't remember much of the time I played it last, and how much I actually got through of the story. All I can remember is that I got quite far (disc 3 I think) and got stuck, but a lot of the details I can't seem to remember. The characters...hmmm quite a few of them I don't particularly like, some are kind of boring, others just irritating. Rinoa for example, at first she really got on my nerves, but she has grown on me slightly as this playthrough has gone on. Irvine is just a pathetic, whiny womaniser. Maybe they will try to capitalise on his dual outer confidence and inner weakness that came through at the end of disc 1 and build it up through the story, but I dunno, he just kinda annoys me.

What else? I played a little bit of Dragon Age: Origins on the 360, decided to go speak to the Dalish Elves for help and quickly got recruited into doing a few quests for them. So I'm in the forest near their camp, apart from that I've not yet made a huge amount of progress since my focus has been on the FF games I've been playing.

Not sure if I talked about this last week, but in case not, I started up Final Fantasy VI Advance not too long ago, and so far I've been impressed, it has good audio and in the couple hours I've played so far, interesting characters. Kefka is pretty much Final Fantasy's answer to the Joker...actually, which came first? 

Ok, wow the Joker (1940) came way before Kefka (1994). I didn't know the character of the Joker was created so long ago (then again, I know hardly anything about western comics.)

Its been pretty cool so far, I am slightly stuck early on though. I have the choice of the first 3 scenarios, something which surprised me actually, as I haven't seen this that often, especially in FF games, anyway Locke is escaping from the town of Narshe, or whatever it is called. I can make quite a bit of progress by stealing merchants or guard's uniforms and sneaking through the town, but I can't quite figure out exactly where to go now. So I got frustrated and turned it off, I'll have to do it again from the scenario screen, or choose another one. I might do that actually, or check a guide to find out where to go next in the town. 

Anyway, enough of the minutiae of the story. So far I've really liked the steampunk setting, it feels quite fresh and unique since it hasn't been seen much in the other Final Fantasy games. Also, some of the soundtrack is really impressive. I love Terra's theme (the world map music) and the battle music. Here's a vid:


Anyway, that should be enough for now. I will post more another time. Coming soon - a long overdue Game of the Month post, for December

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Random sites.

Here are some kinda funny sites and stuff which I saw today(some of which I had seen before, and some not),anyway, they are all pretty funny, so enjoy =p

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Final Fantasy Challenge update.

I've been putting a bit of time into FFVIII now that I beat TWEWY earlier, I loved the ending. Quite an awesome game. Its mostly Triple Triad in VIII that has been taking my time, which was going fine until I started to get unlucky just there. I had won a lot of the Lv6 boss cards from the girl in Galbadia garden and then she managed to pull a combo on me using the Same Rule (Which admittedly I can't remember how it works, I really should check a guide or something). So it might have been me not paying enough attention, but she ran away with my Zell card and refused to use it like they always seem to in this game. Then as I was trying to win it back, she got another combo on me. I was going to lose another high level card, so the PS2 had to go off. *sigh* thats a good hour or so (of mainly getting lv6 bosses) lost. I am slightly pissed off at Triple Triad now, and beginning to think I'll not put as much focus into getting all the cards since I might have already missed my chance to get the Siren card.

If I do want to beat the Final Fantasy games before XIII comes out, I might have to cut some corners...maybe my aim to get all the cards this playthrough might have to be sacrificed. Still, I am quite liking VIII this time, there are lots of ways to break the system even more. The junctions, GFs, limit breaks, and magic system are kinda flawed but there are lots of ways to make your characters very strong. 

Here's something interesting if you like Triple Triad like me (but not at the moment¬_¬)

There are quite a few online places to play Triple triad if you feel the desire. I haven't tried any out, but I imagine they would be pretty addictive. The minigame in VIII is fiendishly at times.

I'm considering starting up FFVI advance so I have a portable game I can play when I am at uni or whatever, but on the other hand, I only just started Dragon Age: Origins, am not far into VIII and if I started FFVI, that would make it 4 games on the go at once, 3 of which would be RPGs.

I'll try post some more if I find anything interesting in VIII

Now Playing - "I don't speak geek"

I got Dragon Age: Origins finally! yay! =p

I had to go through an insane amount of hassle to pick it up, but I am glad I did now. I got a lift into town in the car, to get a topup for my phone and to see if I could find the collector's edition of Dragon Age: Origins, which is apparantely exclusive to the Game chain in the UK. So I got my credit, went to the Game in St. James centre, and they had copies of the game, and collectors edition for the ps3 (but that was no good since I dont have said ps3) but no 360 collector's editions...I don't know why I really wanted the collector's edition, its about a fiver or so more but you get a lot of stuff, including a soundtrack, making of dvd, dlc (that would normally cost 1200 m$ points, I was surprised to find) and a couple more things, maybe it was that this was the game I was looking forward to most this year, and the fact that Bioware is one of my favourite developers but I wanted the special edition of this. So I left and considered walking all the way back along Princes St, but since it was raining I decided I couldn't really be bothered and we went up to the other end of town to the shopping centre at Cameron Toll, after I had called to check if they had it in stock. They did so when I got there, picked it up and went to pay. They then proceeded to ask me for ID because the game is an 18 rating, which meant I was kinda fucked cos I didnt have any with me. I was kinda pissed and just wanted to go home, but my mum went in and got it for me since we had driven up there. 

I can't believe they always seem to ID me...I mean, I am 23 and don't think I look young, I should really start carrying my ID with me. So, I fucking hate Game even more now. 

So anyway, here is what I've been playing this week.

The World Ends With You (DS)

I reckon I am getting quite near the end now, and the story has taken lots of nice, and some not so nice twists and turns. Its definitely gripping me and keeping me playing at the moment, I played a couple more hours this week (mostly just today actually) and I am gonna try and complete it soon if possible. I must see how it concludes.

From what I have played, I am liking the story, characters and visuals and just the overall style of the game, the only real flaws I can see are minor, and those would be controls, and the battle system. I dunno, it seems a bit like an impurity in an otherwise good game the battle system. That is kinda down to my preferences in games, but it seems a little bit hectic and hard to master. Maybe its not so much a flaw as much as me not being entirely used to it.

[minor spoilers]

And by the time I do manage to get good at using the character Neku is with they seem to be replaced by the other characters in the story. I am now partnered up with Beat, with 3 or 4 days to go, I can't remember exactly. So I think that is near the end, I haven't beaten the game so I don't know how much is still to come.

Final Fantasy VIII (PS1)

I've been playing quite a bit of this as well, its going well so far, I seem to be progressing. What is crazy is how much I actually remember a lot of it and what is going to happen next. I can somehow remember from when I played it years ago :o

I am still on disc 1, going to the Galbadia Garden. I think I missed a card or two, specifically Siren's from the Pub owner in Timber... I'm not sure if I can get it again, cos I wanted to get all the cards this time round. I got to Galbadia garden now as I was writing this. I can't remember exactly how far through disc 1 I am at the moment, and I'm trying not to read FAQs too much in case I spoil the later story that I don't know yet. I am checking them a bit for info on cards, but I think I will end up missing a few anyway, it usually happens when you don't keep checking guides all the way through.

I am loving some of the music, brings back memories! =D

I also seem to keep falling asleep with the game on, so I have over 30 hrs play time now lol...

Dragon Age: Origins (X360)

So far I've only played 3 or 4 hours, but I was pretty much gripped by it all the way through. I did the first origin story (which I think is more or less the prologue) and got up to the point where you get Morrigan. At first I wasn't sure if the story and depth was going to be as good as stuff like Baldur's gate which has a lot of material to draw upon, but from the small bit I've played so far, it looks like they will build it up a lot through the game, with the codex, and the huge amount of dialogue options. I am definitely impressed with the voice acting, I think every dialogue is voice acted, which is crazy! I don't know how they fit it all on one disc.

I'm definitely looking forward to playing some more of this. In places I am surprised by the textures, they seem a bit weak at times, but I know better than to be picky about the graphics. As long as the story and gameplay aspects are strong, and if it is anywhere near Baldur's Gate II's level I will no doubt love the game.

Here is the UK collector's edition and what you get. Link

Dragon Age Collectors Edition features:
-Bonus DVD with a 'Making of' documentary, Soundtrack, Trailers, Wallpaper, Concept Art Video and Strategy tips
-3 pieces of exclusive in-game content - Bergens Honour, Grimoire of the Frozen Wastes and Final Reason.
-Unlockable ME2 in-game item: Original purchasers of DAO will receive the Blood Dragon Armour which will be usable in both DAO and ME2
-The Stone Prisoner unlockable bonus quest and unlockable character, Shale

I'd definitely recommend Dragon Age: Origins if you are a fan of western rpgs. If you can run it on pc, it is supposed to be a lot better, alas I can't so I went for the 360 version.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Behold this video of awesomeness from Machinima. Its really cool!

Now Playing - Draw! -_-

I've put off buying Dragon Age: Origins for another week or so...maybe unwisely because I want to pick up the collector's edition. I will probably get it if I head into town sometime soon. Looking at my backlog, and my final fantasy challenge though, I have tonnes of games to beat. I think I could easily just play games I haven't beaten and not have to buy games for a good two or three years, depending on how busy I am gonna be with uni and college. [yeah, both]

Anyway, here is what I have been playing. I recently beat FFV, so I put a little bit more time into:

The World Ends With You (DS)

I think I'm around 10 or 12 hours into (hard to tell) and I am liking the story so far, quite different to the majority of rpg stories (or game stories fullstop) Still not entirely convinced about the battle system, but I've got a feeling (and based on what I have heard of this game) that overall it could be one of the best DS games out there. 

Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) 

I beat the 11th I think, just a few more to go. They are quite tough some of them, a frustrating game at times, but a pretty good one, not too many flaws. It does seem short if there are only 16 colossi and I am already through 11 at around 7 hrs in. Although that doesn't count  all the times I died and had to restart the fights.

and I also started up Final Fantasy VIII (PS1)

I've just started and I'm not more than an hour into it as I write this, I'm just trying to get some cards in the garden (I always find it hard to win cards at first...) 

I'm kinda dissapointed that I never beat this one back in the day. I got stuck on some boss fight because I hadn't junctioned all my stuff up evenly. Squall was a powerhouse and the rest of them were weak, which didn't work...

Turns out I didnt have that save on this memory card but I had another one, on disc 1 from a while back. I cant remember when that was, so I started a new game. I will beat it this time! ;p

Such good memories of playing this game as a kid. =D I mean, it is a flawed game (some say it is amongst the weakest of the FF games) but I still like it despite those flaws. Hopefully I can understand the Junction system a bit better this time round.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Final Fantasy challenge.

Thought I'd post some more on this. Basically what I am attempting is to beat all the Final Fantasy games I haven't beaten before FFXIII comes out. Now that there is an actual release date set for XIII, this puts quite a time constraint on my quest. I thought I would have a lot more time to do this, as the release date is earlier than I had expected, for sure.

March 9th 2010 is when it will allegedly hit North America and Europe. While that is good news, I had thought it would be a lot longer than that. 

Now I have only a few months to try and beat the rest of my unbeaten Final Fantasy games, because I don't really want to start XIII before I've beaten the preceding games. *Sigh* I might have to though, as I'll really want to play it soon after it is released.

Anyway, I just beat Final Fantasy V Advance yesterday and quite liked the ending. The endgame was not too hard, apart from the "optional bosses" Omega and Shinryu, which there was no chance of me beating. Surprisingly though, I managed to walk the end boss, not even one character died from what I can remember. I had mastered quite a lot of the classes by the end, so my party set up looked like this. I just put them as Freelancers for the last fight, you can make some very broken setups with it if you have stuff mastered and good gear to give em.

Bartz lv 45, Freelancer



Knight-lv 6 mastered, Monk-lv 7 mastered, Dragoon-lv 2, Ninja-lv 5 mastered, Samurai lv 5 mastered, Mystic Knight-lv 7 mastered, Blue Mage-lv 1


Excalibur, Sasuke's Katana, Ribbon, Black Garb, Protect Ring.

Krile lv 46, Freelancer


[Rapid Fire] ~ This is crazy, especially duel wielding weapons.

Knight-lv 1, Monk-lv 7 mastered, Thief-lv 7 mastered, Ninja-lv 5 mastered, Samurai lv 5 mastered, Ranger-lv 4 mastered, Mystic Knight-lv 6


Blood Sword x2, Ribbon, Crystal Armour, Genji Gloves. [I got the Genji Shield, but missed the armour V_V]

Faris lv 45, Freelancer

[Black Magic]


Knight-lv 3, Monk-lv 1, Samurai-lv 3, Ranger-lv 4 mastered, White mage-lv 7  mastered, Black mage-lv 7 mastered, Time mage-lv 5, Summoner-lv 6 mastered, Blue mage-lv 4 mastered, Beastmaster-lv 3, Chemist-lv 2


Magus Rod, Ribbon, Black Robe, Elven Mantle [one of my favourite items, and I liked to couple it with Shirahadori for good evasion, sometimes throwing in Main Gauche also]

Lenna lv 44, Freelancer

[White Magic]


Samurai-lv 3, Ranger-lv 4 mastered, White mage-lv 7 mastered, Black mage-lv 6, Time mage-lv 7 mastered, Summoner-lv 1, Blue mage-lv 3, Red mage-lv 4 mastered, Chemist-lv 2


Artemis Bow, Ribbon, White Robe, Elven Mantle

Anyway, I quite liked the class system in FFV, thats one of the things that kept me interested. Towards the end of the game I started to get quite gripped as the enemies started to get tougher. The ending was quite cool actually. 

Not my favourite FF game, I thought I'd like it more because i had heard good things about the class system, I mean I liked it but some things felt slightly weak. In places it seemed a bit glitchy, but that might have been due to my SP and DS phat being old...the re-equipping or unequipping all when abilities or jobs are changed was really annoying and there was no way to turn it off. The fact that you couldnt see your max HP, or your MP at all in battle without going into a few menus was really stupid I thought also. Little things like that could have been improved and I'm guessing they would be if they ever released another remake, for the DS for example. I'm not sure they ever will.

Anyway, its a decent enough game, I think I would give it 3 or 3.5/5. Think it will get 3/4 on backloggery. Check it out, especially if you liked the class system in FFIII or any of the other games.

So that brings my beaten list up a bit more. I've decided not to include FFX-2 or FFXI (because I have no way of playing the online game unless I shell out for Xbox Live) in my challenge, so here is how it looks now.












6/11 beaten! will I get there by March? I am doubtful.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Man, I've got a feeling this is gonna be an awesome game. A lot of good talent is going into it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Too many Nintendo consoles...

What is with Nintendo? How much money do they actually have? I mean, they bring out a new version of their consoles every few months it seems.

I just recently got a DS Lite, and then the DSi comes out, I figured I'd wait till it gets supported a LOT better before even considering getting one, what happens? They release a new version, the DSi LL, or DSi XL as it will be known in Europe. 

Now my decision is made harder, which to buy? The inevitably heavier but newer version, or the original DSi? 

I better decide quickly, because if I leave it too much longer there will no doubt be many more versions of Nintendo's handheld out to choose from. 


I think my DS Lite is fine, I dont see why I am even considering a DSi of any kind at the moment, but hey, I usually am quite a sucker for Nintendo stuff.  I will hold off buying one for now, it is way down on my list of things to buy (its only a thought at the moment)

Kinda unrelated, I am looking forward to this game, think I posted a few things about it before

I herd you like...

Mudkips! -_-

They are awesome, but I just found this page on urban dictionary somehow...and, what the hell?

Please tell me that never happened. 

Reality is sometimes kinda stupid, as are internet memes at times...

Monday, November 9, 2009


I got bored and decided to procrastinate on youtube as is often the case and found a few interesting (maybe) videos. [Note: My definition of interesting might be different to yours =p]

I mean, what is going on there? Maybe something to do with territory.

I find it pretty interesting that animals like Rhinos, Elephants, Giraffes and Wildebeest found in the African savannah type ecosystems are some of the last remnants of the megafauna that were around in the Cretaceous-Tertiary and the Pleistocene periods and have evolved from them.

I mean, I don't quite understand how such massive species can prosper in what is quite a barren, dry place at times. I remember learning about the ecosystem biodiversity way back in my first or second year of Earth Sci and Geography and the savannah is actually quite a rich place for plants and animals. But some of these species require a LOT of food and water to survive, and it seems wierd that they can even live in these places. Nature is quite amazing.

I kinda want a pet jaguar or cougar, those things are freakin badass

Anyway, thats enough of learning about what is for me at the moment, even though interesting, quite irrelevant to my studies. What I'm saying is that thats enough of wasting time for me now hehe. 

If you are at all interested in nature, or animals or anything, check out Sir David Attenborough's programme on BBC at the moment, Life.

The cinematography is amazing, it took them around 4 years to make the series. I think thats the right site for watching some of it online, not sure if there is an actual website or anything. The show is on Mondays in the UK I think, check it out either on TV or online if you can, I'd definitely recommend it.

Ever had that feeling where are really tired and feel yourself swaying and drifting off to sleep while sitting up? Meerkats are kinda similar it seems =p

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Gah, there are so many games that I want to get either at the moment or coming out soon. 

I'm making painfully slow progress in the games I'm playing at the moment, so I dont think my quest against Bak'laag is going to be going in the right direction any time soon...

And then there is the monetary aspect. How does one justify spending 10s or hundreds of pounds on games one might not beat or even play for months after initially buying the game in question? Surely my money would be better saved up for when I need it, and perhaps to go towards more immediately important stuff, like uni, food, etc.

To give some kind of scope and context to my point, here are the games I am craving, or desiring rather. (Craving makes me sound rather insane....mwahaha)

Assassin's Creed 2 (x360) [if it turns out a lot better than original]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (x360) [looks amazing]

Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition (x360)

Dragon Age Origins (x360) [must have...drools]

Mass Effect 2 (x360) [not out yet]

Okami (Wii/PS2~I'm not sure which I would rather have)

Little King's Story (Wii)

Muramasa (Wii) [not out here yet]

Persona (PSP)

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (DS) [only if it turns out to be good, since i never finished Hourglass]

Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold (DS) [do want]

Final Fantasy IX (PS1)

And a couple more PS2 games, like Mana Khemia...bleh. I am sure there are lots more, but you get the picture.

I can be quite impulsive at times with my purchases, but I am usually quite stingy and frugal as frustrating.

Now Playing - Pig Noise

I've not had huge amounts of time to play games as you might be able to tell (I've not posted much on here in a while) but I've been making more progress in The World Ends With You.

I don't want to spoil too much, but I've just met up with Joshua (not sure how far that is, but if you've played the game, you'll know where I mean) and done a few hours of the main story after you meet him.

I'm really liking the style of the game perhaps the only real bits I don't like is the touch screen controls, its probably just me being stupid but at times it doesnt seemn to do what I want it to. 

 I think there is a lot to do and find in this game, and from what I can tell so far, I can see that it would be possible to miss things too.

I want to see if I can get all the pins, but I'm not sure how hard that will be as I've not checked up on gamefaqs or anything.

I'll try and get further in this and give you some more thoughts on it. 

I'd definitely recommend the game though, its got a really unique story so far, even if there is the cliched amnesiac main character. The story kind of reminds me of Battle Royale a bit, and I'm sure an anime or two, but I can't quite decide which it reminds me of in terms of the story.

The style is really nice and captured quite well in a lot of fan art on the net, one piece that caught my eye was this one(which I didn't make myself)

The soundtrack is quite interesting, its got a strange mix of j-pop, rock, hip hop, electronica-ish trance.

Not for everyone I'm sure, but it makes a bit of a change from the rest of rpg music, which can be quite generic at times. I like a breath of fresh air once in a while, even if it is stuff I wouldnt necessarily buy.

Also I've been putting a lot more time into Final Fantasy V Advance. Its starting to get quite a bit harder nearer the end (I think I'm within 10 or so hours of the end, but I might be wrong). I'm in world 3 and if I play on my SP, it likes to crash for some reason. I hope my SP isn't fucked, cos that thing is awesome. My DS lite doesnt have as many problems strangely enough. It hasnt crashed yet. 

I must stay on target and beat it! 

I've been getting the urge to play FFVIII, which is one of those games that both sparks fanboy rants and equal amounts of hate (or more hate than fanboyism probably) but it has a place in my heart as it was the first Final Fantasy I played and one of my first rpgs (others were Phantasy Star back on the Master System) when I started playing them more.

Even though the system was a lot different to other rpgs, I didnt really hate it back then. A lot of people now criticise the game, and I can see where that comes from-the draw system is pretty stupid, but hey, I think there are a few good points to the game. I love a lot of the music from it and it has Triple Triad. OMG. That game freaking owns!

I mean, sure a lot of people hate Squall as a main character, I can see why, but still..I quite like the game, it has that rosy glow of nostalgia that allows me to see through its imperfections.

Any games you feel the same for? What games make you reminisce?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some random stuff.

Thought I'd put up some videos of some bands I am kinda into at the moment. I don't recommend nearly enough music on here any more. I want to try make the blog somewhere I can talk about all my different passions and interests and appeal to as many different people as I can, and hopefully keep it interesting at the same time. =p

Some amazing songs by a band I am getting more and more into, I will probably pick up some of their albums at some point. Eluveitie~They are kinda a melodic death metal/folk/celtic metal band from Switzerland.

And one from Epica, I love those guys. Such awesome music!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Final Fantasy Update

Dissidia and the awesomeness of this song made me wanna press on with my quest to finish all the main Final Fantasy games, I will get there in the end. 

Bow down to me bitches, cos I'm the black mage!

Just had this idea, I said a while back that I was trying to get through all of the Final Fantasy games that I haven't beaten. I'm making quite a lot of progress through FFV Advance now and thought I'd post here with some (semi) regular updates on how my epic quest is going! =p

Here's the script so far. The bracketed version is the one I beat (or have). B=Beaten, U=Unfinished. If you don't know where I am getting this from, check out the Backloggery ~ a site where you can chat with other gamers and keep track of your video game collections / backlogs.

Final Fantasy (GBA) 

Final Fantasy II (GBA)

Final Fantasy III (DS)

Final Fantasy IV (DS)

Final Fantasy V (GBA)

Final Fantasy VI (GBA)

Final Fantasy VII (PS)

Final Fantasy VIII (PS)

Final Fantasy IX (Don't own)

Final Fantasy X (PS2)

Final Fantasy X-2 (PS2) [Don't know if I'll include this]

Final Fantasy XII (PS2)

So far, 5/13 if I'm gonna include X-2. I will beat them all some day! T_T