Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Too many Nintendo consoles...

What is with Nintendo? How much money do they actually have? I mean, they bring out a new version of their consoles every few months it seems. 


I just recently got a DS Lite, and then the DSi comes out, I figured I'd wait till it gets supported a LOT better before even considering getting one, what happens? They release a new version, the DSi LL, or DSi XL as it will be known in Europe. 

Now my decision is made harder, which to buy? The inevitably heavier but newer version, or the original DSi? 

I better decide quickly, because if I leave it too much longer there will no doubt be many more versions of Nintendo's handheld out to choose from. 


I think my DS Lite is fine, I dont see why I am even considering a DSi of any kind at the moment, but hey, I usually am quite a sucker for Nintendo stuff.  I will hold off buying one for now, it is way down on my list of things to buy (its only a thought at the moment)

Kinda unrelated, I am looking forward to this game, think I posted a few things about it before

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