Sunday, November 22, 2009

Now Playing - "I don't speak geek"

I got Dragon Age: Origins finally! yay! =p

I had to go through an insane amount of hassle to pick it up, but I am glad I did now. I got a lift into town in the car, to get a topup for my phone and to see if I could find the collector's edition of Dragon Age: Origins, which is apparantely exclusive to the Game chain in the UK. So I got my credit, went to the Game in St. James centre, and they had copies of the game, and collectors edition for the ps3 (but that was no good since I dont have said ps3) but no 360 collector's editions...I don't know why I really wanted the collector's edition, its about a fiver or so more but you get a lot of stuff, including a soundtrack, making of dvd, dlc (that would normally cost 1200 m$ points, I was surprised to find) and a couple more things, maybe it was that this was the game I was looking forward to most this year, and the fact that Bioware is one of my favourite developers but I wanted the special edition of this. So I left and considered walking all the way back along Princes St, but since it was raining I decided I couldn't really be bothered and we went up to the other end of town to the shopping centre at Cameron Toll, after I had called to check if they had it in stock. They did so when I got there, picked it up and went to pay. They then proceeded to ask me for ID because the game is an 18 rating, which meant I was kinda fucked cos I didnt have any with me. I was kinda pissed and just wanted to go home, but my mum went in and got it for me since we had driven up there. 

I can't believe they always seem to ID me...I mean, I am 23 and don't think I look young, I should really start carrying my ID with me. So, I fucking hate Game even more now. 

So anyway, here is what I've been playing this week.

The World Ends With You (DS)

I reckon I am getting quite near the end now, and the story has taken lots of nice, and some not so nice twists and turns. Its definitely gripping me and keeping me playing at the moment, I played a couple more hours this week (mostly just today actually) and I am gonna try and complete it soon if possible. I must see how it concludes.

From what I have played, I am liking the story, characters and visuals and just the overall style of the game, the only real flaws I can see are minor, and those would be controls, and the battle system. I dunno, it seems a bit like an impurity in an otherwise good game the battle system. That is kinda down to my preferences in games, but it seems a little bit hectic and hard to master. Maybe its not so much a flaw as much as me not being entirely used to it.

[minor spoilers]

And by the time I do manage to get good at using the character Neku is with they seem to be replaced by the other characters in the story. I am now partnered up with Beat, with 3 or 4 days to go, I can't remember exactly. So I think that is near the end, I haven't beaten the game so I don't know how much is still to come.

Final Fantasy VIII (PS1)

I've been playing quite a bit of this as well, its going well so far, I seem to be progressing. What is crazy is how much I actually remember a lot of it and what is going to happen next. I can somehow remember from when I played it years ago :o

I am still on disc 1, going to the Galbadia Garden. I think I missed a card or two, specifically Siren's from the Pub owner in Timber... I'm not sure if I can get it again, cos I wanted to get all the cards this time round. I got to Galbadia garden now as I was writing this. I can't remember exactly how far through disc 1 I am at the moment, and I'm trying not to read FAQs too much in case I spoil the later story that I don't know yet. I am checking them a bit for info on cards, but I think I will end up missing a few anyway, it usually happens when you don't keep checking guides all the way through.

I am loving some of the music, brings back memories! =D

I also seem to keep falling asleep with the game on, so I have over 30 hrs play time now lol...

Dragon Age: Origins (X360)

So far I've only played 3 or 4 hours, but I was pretty much gripped by it all the way through. I did the first origin story (which I think is more or less the prologue) and got up to the point where you get Morrigan. At first I wasn't sure if the story and depth was going to be as good as stuff like Baldur's gate which has a lot of material to draw upon, but from the small bit I've played so far, it looks like they will build it up a lot through the game, with the codex, and the huge amount of dialogue options. I am definitely impressed with the voice acting, I think every dialogue is voice acted, which is crazy! I don't know how they fit it all on one disc.

I'm definitely looking forward to playing some more of this. In places I am surprised by the textures, they seem a bit weak at times, but I know better than to be picky about the graphics. As long as the story and gameplay aspects are strong, and if it is anywhere near Baldur's Gate II's level I will no doubt love the game.

Here is the UK collector's edition and what you get. Link

Dragon Age Collectors Edition features:
-Bonus DVD with a 'Making of' documentary, Soundtrack, Trailers, Wallpaper, Concept Art Video and Strategy tips
-3 pieces of exclusive in-game content - Bergens Honour, Grimoire of the Frozen Wastes and Final Reason.
-Unlockable ME2 in-game item: Original purchasers of DAO will receive the Blood Dragon Armour which will be usable in both DAO and ME2
-The Stone Prisoner unlockable bonus quest and unlockable character, Shale

I'd definitely recommend Dragon Age: Origins if you are a fan of western rpgs. If you can run it on pc, it is supposed to be a lot better, alas I can't so I went for the 360 version.

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