Friday, April 30, 2010

Quick update.

I'll be away for the weekend until Sunday or Monday, so I'm gonna work on finishing Devil Survivor (I'm right at the end I think) and playing a couple other portable games. So also, that means I probably won't be doing a Now Playing this week (the internet up where I'm going is really sucks)

Man, my grammar is terrible .. (><)

To make up for my potential lack of delivery, here is a rather awesome pic ;D

Edit: I'm feeling especially nice today, have some eargasms a la Daft Punk! Such a godly album

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beyond Good and Evil can get to *#@?k!

So earlier on I was playing a bit more of Beyond Good and Evil, trying to finish it off, since I was pretty near the end. Its not the longest game I've ever played by any means, it really only takes about 9-12 hours or so to finish from what I read online, but this is what happened. I am slowly getting into Beyond Good and Evil's world the further I get in it, the controls and camera becoming less of a problem and the entire feel of the game was growing on me. So I just finished the Slaughterhouse section of the game and got back to the city, and was mopping up some in between stuff before I moved on to the next story section. I must've saved it as I was doing this stuff, and then tried to progress, only to find my partner in the game had dissapeared, and without him, I could not go further (there are switches and puzzles you need to co-op on). Apparantely this is a pretty common gamebreaking glitch, the only way to get around it is to reload an older save game where they had not yet dissapeared. 

Problem for me, since I was using 1 save game for the entire game. Oh well...the only way for me to get any further now was to restart the entire game. No way, not when I am borderline on liking the game or not. 

It really annoys me, because I've played games for HUNDREDS of hours and not had any problems from glitches. RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea, Pokemon, Dissidia each for absolutely ages. Some of them, like pokemon have so many parameters and different things hidden that could go wrong and have obscure game breaking glitches. No, that I've seen. The game that I am struggling to get through and is tiny compared to some of those games has a really common glitch that a lot of people get. 

Get a grip Ubisoft. Playtesters should have easily seen stuff like this.

I'm gonna trade the game in. No way am I wasting 10 hours of my life again only to find it breaks on me again.

Stupid fuckin game is overrated anyway. I'm not even gonna bother looking for the rest on a lets play on youtube. Too damn frustrated.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Y'know how we got into Recession?

Yeah, people. You remember something called the credit crunch? Global recession? Some countries are still pretty much screwed up in terms of economy. How do you think we got into this mess? This is why. People clearly have more money than common sense.

Anywhere between £90 and 120 or so for 1 game with ridiculous chunks of plastic. Yeah, Halo Reach, I'm looking at you.

Now personally, I am quite partial to limited editions or collectors editions, but within reason...c'mon, it'll have to have good content for a reasonable price for me to pick it up. I give them bonus points if they are gonna go crazy in value shortly after release. 

And obviously I don't seriously think these kinds of purchases actually lead to the global recession, that'd be stupid. But seriously, how many people shell out over £100 for ONE game, especially when the game is only gonna be a couple hours long. Ridiculously awesome examples like the Modern Warfare 2: 'Night Vision Goggles' edition or whatever it was called...I mean, how many people buy the top of the range editions? They are too expensive...

Again, thats one reason I prefer RPGs, you get a serious amount for your money in many cases.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Now Playing - "Decisive Pumpkin"

Another week flies by, and its sunday once again so I'm gonna talk a bit about the games I've been playing this week.

I'm quite near the end of Kingdom Hearts II (PS2) now, I believe. I've really enjoyed it so far (I've never beat it before though), the only real flaws I can see are some of the camera angles are annoying in the midst of battle. I also think it is a bit too long-I don't particularly like having to revisit the same areas I've just done in the game. I wouldnt have minded if the game was the same length that it is but you get to go to fresh new areas. But its a pretty cool game, the animations in battle are done really well for the most part, and I quite enjoy the story. I'm gonna try and finish this one up today, or in the next few days.

I just finished it up now, epic end areas, battles and a nice (cheesy) ending.

Hmm what else have I been playing...

I'm still more or less stuck in Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor (DS)..I think I probably talked about this last week because I was still at the same part. Its a boss late on, I think I need to grind a lot more and really set up my team to beat him. He attacks 3 times in a row and regenerates a good 280 Hp each round... ;_; I really wanna finish this game off...

A little more of Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) grinding, I improved upon the amount of CP I can get from the little garden place with the Ochu and cactuar. I didn't realise if you let the Cactuar do its dance thing at the start of the battle it can grow and mature into Giant Cactuar and then Cactuar Prime, both of which give you more CP than the regular 10,000 (with Growth Egg).

So I timed the amount I was getting, and with a few mistakes here and there, I was getting over 350,000 CP in half and hour. I could probably improve on that a wee bit more.

I really don't think XIII is a very good game, but something about it is keeping me playing it for little bits at a time after I've finished it. Same with Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP), I've played that for ages and really don't like the game. I think its something to do with the completionist part of me (however small that part may be)

I've also been trying to get used to Breath of Fire III (PSP). At first glance it is a horrible game, with bad font, abbreviations and odd word choices scattered through the unintuitive, cluttered menus. There are no tutorials that I have found yet, and its very hard to get into, so I've been watching some Let's Play videos on youtube to try and get some understanding and hints. I've got this one on the back burner more or less. My main priority just now is to finish of KHII.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day before the exam..

I hate the day before the exam. I don't deal with stress well, especially when I need to get a certain mark and have that weighing on my shoulders. Fucking exams...hate them..

I got my first prelim tomorrow. Gotta get an A, nothing else will do.

Iceland Volcano ~ Eyjafjallajökull

As the volcano in Iceland continues to belch out ash, many people are stuck overseas around Europe after travelling over the Easter period. Many flights have been cancelled, but it looks like they might resume soon. Some trial flights have shown conditions to be clear, according to the Herald newspaper.ökull

Hmm, I've not really posted much in the way of news before, but I might do more if I find other interesting stuff. This has been all over the news and its something that's always interested me, volcanology.

It shows that just one natural phenomenon can bring industry and commerce to its knees across much of the world. "The airline industry was claimed to be losing an estimated $200 million a day, according to the International Air Transport Association." Nature is an impressive and wondrous thing.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Now Playing - "Player vs Fish"

Kudos if you know what games the quote in the title is from. ;D

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor (DS) Getting pretty near the end of this, on day 6. Its getting tricky...So I've got to bring myself to GRIND and get through the boss I'm on at the end of day 6. I'd definitely recommend this to people who like Strategy rpgs or SMT only real gripes is with some of the ridiculous cheap, hard muthaf@$*'in difficult battles... Seriously, when you need to protect civilians and they can get oneshotted...

I was feeling a bit washed out with the darkness, difficulty and grindiness of devil survivor, so wanted something more action-rpg like (fast and frenetic), so started up Kingdom Hearts II (PS2), as part of my RPG-marathon I'm taking part in over at backloggery.

So far, I'm about 12 hours into it, at Steamboat Willy's world (I forget the name) and quite impressed. The only flaw I can see so far is the ridiculous looping sound clips. Although they are quite hilarious to witness. "GET UP ON THE HYDRA'S BACK!..." over and over..I was late coming to the ps2, so never actually got round to playing a lot of these games for myself. I can see what all the fuss is about, with Kingdom Hearts-they are definitely rather good games. And playing through, I'm surprised at my inner disney fan...I watched a lot of Disney stuff as a kid, and its really cool to see something like this now, and still really enjoy it. 

Blazblue: Calamity Trigger (360) This finally got released over in Europe, I've been waiting so long for this damn game, and I've been enjoying playing this one. I've got in some games online after beating the arcade modes and some of the stories. I'm definitely not too good at it yet..I can't even win a whole match online T_T

I finished up Mass Effect 2 (360) earlier in the week, quite pleased with the game overall, apart from some niggling issues with the cover system. The story for me was slightly underwhelming, I don't particularly like that the majority of the game is spent recruiting group members and getting them loyal (seriously, its like 80% of the game or something.) Good game though, they definitely improved a lot of things from the first game. I still don't like the scanning of planets in the 2nd one though..

I'll be going back for a few more playthroughs of the 2 games at some point. Lots of replayability..and I really want to see how things will differ if I choose differently in the first game 2nd time round.

Other than that, just been working on grinding and hunts in Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)...still lots to do for the hardest couple left. And a bit more Pokemon Platinum (DS), just a few minutes here and there each day to see what swarming pokemon are present and if they will help with my dex completion.

Yeah, I've still not got Heart Gold or Soul Silver, I'm a little surprised myself. I'm holding off on that for now so I can finish off some games first. Probably get it before I go away on holiday if anything. Pokemon is like crack to me.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Random crap..

I was mucking round on the net and some hilarious shit, check it out.

The Cinnamon Challenge - I try to steer clear of net memes, but some of these are kinda funny.


Makes me wanna play SOTN again =D

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blazblue kicks ass! =D

"Clearly those ostentatious eyeglasses do your eyes no good. Perhaps they would serve you better forcibly inserted into your mouth."

So Blazblue arrived the other week, and I've been enjoying it. I've just finished off all the character's arcade modes now, and working on the story modes now. I'm really impressed with the depth, they've taken a lot of things similar to the Guilty Gear games and utilised them here really well. I kinda suck, but hoping to get better as I go on. Rachel is awesome! =D

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gears of War 3 gets release date..

The 3rd in the Gears of War series has been known about for a while now, and its now got a rough release date period. April 2011. A couple sites have posted stuff about the release of this next year. I think I can just about hear the distant rumble of Lancers starting up.

I've been a fan of the 2 games so far. I think they really mixed things up and freshened the 3rd person shooters with the implementation of the cover system which is rather good.


I've been away on holiday up north for the last week and a bit, hence the lack of a Now Playing update, next one will be Sunday, as I've been playing a fair bit of games