Sunday, April 25, 2010

Now Playing - "Decisive Pumpkin"

Another week flies by, and its sunday once again so I'm gonna talk a bit about the games I've been playing this week.

I'm quite near the end of Kingdom Hearts II (PS2) now, I believe. I've really enjoyed it so far (I've never beat it before though), the only real flaws I can see are some of the camera angles are annoying in the midst of battle. I also think it is a bit too long-I don't particularly like having to revisit the same areas I've just done in the game. I wouldnt have minded if the game was the same length that it is but you get to go to fresh new areas. But its a pretty cool game, the animations in battle are done really well for the most part, and I quite enjoy the story. I'm gonna try and finish this one up today, or in the next few days.

I just finished it up now, epic end areas, battles and a nice (cheesy) ending.

Hmm what else have I been playing...

I'm still more or less stuck in Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor (DS)..I think I probably talked about this last week because I was still at the same part. Its a boss late on, I think I need to grind a lot more and really set up my team to beat him. He attacks 3 times in a row and regenerates a good 280 Hp each round... ;_; I really wanna finish this game off...

A little more of Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) grinding, I improved upon the amount of CP I can get from the little garden place with the Ochu and cactuar. I didn't realise if you let the Cactuar do its dance thing at the start of the battle it can grow and mature into Giant Cactuar and then Cactuar Prime, both of which give you more CP than the regular 10,000 (with Growth Egg).

So I timed the amount I was getting, and with a few mistakes here and there, I was getting over 350,000 CP in half and hour. I could probably improve on that a wee bit more.

I really don't think XIII is a very good game, but something about it is keeping me playing it for little bits at a time after I've finished it. Same with Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP), I've played that for ages and really don't like the game. I think its something to do with the completionist part of me (however small that part may be)

I've also been trying to get used to Breath of Fire III (PSP). At first glance it is a horrible game, with bad font, abbreviations and odd word choices scattered through the unintuitive, cluttered menus. There are no tutorials that I have found yet, and its very hard to get into, so I've been watching some Let's Play videos on youtube to try and get some understanding and hints. I've got this one on the back burner more or less. My main priority just now is to finish of KHII.

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