Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beyond Good and Evil can get to *#@?k!

So earlier on I was playing a bit more of Beyond Good and Evil, trying to finish it off, since I was pretty near the end. Its not the longest game I've ever played by any means, it really only takes about 9-12 hours or so to finish from what I read online, but this is what happened. I am slowly getting into Beyond Good and Evil's world the further I get in it, the controls and camera becoming less of a problem and the entire feel of the game was growing on me. So I just finished the Slaughterhouse section of the game and got back to the city, and was mopping up some in between stuff before I moved on to the next story section. I must've saved it as I was doing this stuff, and then tried to progress, only to find my partner in the game had dissapeared, and without him, I could not go further (there are switches and puzzles you need to co-op on). Apparantely this is a pretty common gamebreaking glitch, the only way to get around it is to reload an older save game where they had not yet dissapeared. 

Problem for me, since I was using 1 save game for the entire game. Oh well...the only way for me to get any further now was to restart the entire game. No way, not when I am borderline on liking the game or not. 

It really annoys me, because I've played games for HUNDREDS of hours and not had any problems from glitches. RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea, Pokemon, Dissidia each for absolutely ages. Some of them, like pokemon have so many parameters and different things hidden that could go wrong and have obscure game breaking glitches. No, that I've seen. The game that I am struggling to get through and is tiny compared to some of those games has a really common glitch that a lot of people get. 

Get a grip Ubisoft. Playtesters should have easily seen stuff like this.

I'm gonna trade the game in. No way am I wasting 10 hours of my life again only to find it breaks on me again.

Stupid fuckin game is overrated anyway. I'm not even gonna bother looking for the rest on a lets play on youtube. Too damn frustrated.

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