Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Y'know how we got into Recession?

Yeah, people. You remember something called the credit crunch? Global recession? Some countries are still pretty much screwed up in terms of economy. How do you think we got into this mess? This is why. People clearly have more money than common sense.

Anywhere between £90 and 120 or so for 1 game with ridiculous chunks of plastic. Yeah, Halo Reach, I'm looking at you.

Now personally, I am quite partial to limited editions or collectors editions, but within reason...c'mon, it'll have to have good content for a reasonable price for me to pick it up. I give them bonus points if they are gonna go crazy in value shortly after release. 

And obviously I don't seriously think these kinds of purchases actually lead to the global recession, that'd be stupid. But seriously, how many people shell out over £100 for ONE game, especially when the game is only gonna be a couple hours long. Ridiculously awesome examples like the Modern Warfare 2: 'Night Vision Goggles' edition or whatever it was called...I mean, how many people buy the top of the range editions? They are too expensive...

Again, thats one reason I prefer RPGs, you get a serious amount for your money in many cases.

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