Friday, April 11, 2008


I need to start posting more often...

Nightwish were awesome, saw them supported by Pain(who I quite like, I hadnt heard them before) at Carling Academy in Glasgow at the end of last month(I think lol)

I even got one of the picks after my friend gave it to me! =D

So it was awesome to see my favourite band...I just wish I had seen them live before they changed singer. Dont get me wrong, Anette Olzon is awesome, but I think Tarja was a better vocalist, I guess for the band to continue, they needed to change vocalist however. They played a few of the old songs; Nemo, The Siren, Wishmaster as well as stuff from Dark Passion Play inc Last of the wilds which i had hoped they would play.

Anyway...I was gonna type bout some more stuff, but forgot, so I will just spam a video and say, enjoy.

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