Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Games & other goings on...

I finished Children of Mana the other day, which is a relief...because it was getting very boring and repetitive. I might put up a review of it if I can be bothered.

I'm also getting really close to finishing Spore Creatures (DS) which seems really short, but I guess there are lots of optional things to do, which might convince me to play through on the replay mode(I know theres one already because my girlfriend completed it already lol) I'll see what I think when I complete the game.

Started Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core which is really good so far, I'm on chapter 5 I think...about 14 hrs and 54 mins into it. I'm really impressed with the graphics and sound as well as other aspects of the game so far. I've been told to complete all the missions, so I'm trying to do that, and I'm Lv 30 and 19 % through them so far.

I'm also kinda looking for jobs at the moment...which is quite hard... >_<

Gears of War 2 is coming out tomorrow actually...theres a midnight launch at Gamestation on the 6th. One of the staff called me asking if I would be going to the midnight launch but I wont be going to that. I'll pick it up on the Friday. Should be a good game! :D

I get to see my girlfriend tomorrow! yay! :P

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