Monday, June 1, 2009

More Pokaymons stuff.

Played a bit more of Platinum today (actually a LOT, like for most of the day) and after getting the 2nd badge, my traded pokemon up to lv30 would obey me (according to the manual.) So that was a load off my mind, I was able to train up my team without them loafing around and dying in battle.

This is the team now, with 2 badges. I am just through Mt. Coronet at the berry master's house (but I've backtracked and saved next to a patch of berries waiting on them growing for now)

Grotle lv 26 - Razor Leaf, Tackle, Bite, Curse

Weavile lv 26 - Faint Attack, Quick Attack, Fury Swipes, Taunt

Aerodactyl lv 26 - Ancientpower, Bite, Agility, Supersonic

Meditite lv 26 - Hidden Power (fighting), Confusion, Calm Mind, Feint (this was worse than I thought ><)

Chinchou lv 26 *New addition* - Water Gun, Spark, Confuse Ray, Take Down

I found that the previous 4 I was going through with was lacking water and electric moves, and moves on the special side of things, so I had a look through my Diamond boxes and found a Chinchou at the perfect level for my team. Transferred that across to help out and I've been levelling them a bit before I go for the next gym.

The moves on my team aren't amazing, but I dont really want to "waste" any TMs on this team. I prefer keeping them till I train up better pokemon after the Elite 4. 

I just need to remember and keep them under 30 until I get 4 badges...Dont think that will happen if they are at 26 already and I've not even got 3 yet. T_T 

I've also been trying to figure out what to put in the final slot in the team. No idea really...was thinking that Ice/Ghost thing. I don't know why but I decided early on when I was designing the team that none of the pokemon's types would overlap ie. Only 1 of each type max across the team. I feel it gives me better coverage against greater amounts of pokemon and less wasted. Definitely helps if I'm not teaching any TMs to this team as I'll be able to have a wider natural movepool, if you follow, with no need to waste moves from TMs.

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