Saturday, October 31, 2009

Now Playing - "That lobster just got served! With cheese biscuits and mashed potatoes!"

More than a month since I last posted, thats terrible! Sorry =p

Uni has been keeping me busy, which kinda sucks, anyways here is what I've been playing when I get the chance.

The World Ends With You (DS)

I picked this up recently and started playing it, I'm only a few hours in at the start of the game, but so far I've been really impressed. I love the style of the game, which takes a lot of aspects of japanese culture-fashion, mobile phones, music and throws them together to create a really rich game world set in the Shibuya district of Tokyo.

The combat system is very unusual from what I can tell so far.  Its an action rpg, so it is quite fast, and the combat takes place on both of the DS's screens simultaneously. You control the main character Neku who looks strangely like Sora from Kingdom Hearts on the touch screen and Shiki on the top screen with the Dpad buttons. The character you arent controlling is controlled by the computer AI, but you can tinker with the options for that.

So far, I'm impressed with this, check it out if you can!

Final Fantasy V Advance (GBA)

Yeah, I'm still playing this, but I'm much further now-more than 30 hours into it and I might be getting near the end of the game soon. Its definitely becoming harder, some of the enemies and bosses are getting a bit more challenging. There have been quite a few funny moments, some cliched moments and some bits I quite like, the Forest of Moore for some reason, I quite liked. Its also been supplying me with some awesome funny quotes for the Now Playing titles =p It is kinda funny at times, but I do wish it was a bit more serious at times. Still, that would make it even more like the other FF games, which wouldn't necessarily be a good thing. I guess it's tongue-in-cheek style sets it apart from the others. Hopefully I can finish this one soon and give some more thoughts about it. 

Kinda lots of generic characters in this game though..Bartz and Exdeath don't really seem to jump out at me so far... 


I've also been playing a little bit more Shadow of the Colossus, but the portable games are taking up more of my time since I always seem to be at uni and they are to hand most of the time. 

Ok, that was kinda sucky, but I might do a Game of the Month for October (as its almost over) and I'll try to post more to make it a bit more interesting on the blog =D

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