Sunday, October 31, 2010

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Happy Halloween! Hope you have all been having fun. What did I dress up as? Wat? I've just been playing games for a couple hours...thats more fun! I've been playing some old school RPGs =D *geek*

Half Minute Hero (PSP) - Gotta love>

So I've done the Hero mode now, it took me up to 60%, which I don't really get. Maybe I missed stuff. Anyway, next up-the faaabulous Evil Lord mode. (He just reminds me of the rather fruity Emperor and Kuja from the FF games)

There was also a Turtle sage...where have I seen that before? XD

I'm getting a bit of a craving for some old retro style games. Considering 3D Dot Game Heroes, but I suck at Zelda gaems... :3 What else, maybe Scott Pilgrim game, I tried some of the co-op and it was fun stuff. Will definitely get Cladun when it comes out. 

I was like OMG! Neverwinter Nights on the other day, although I wasn't sure if my laptop would run it. My laptop is a fairly new, so I was fairly confident, just I wasnt sure if my built in graphics card would be up to the task. But anyway, I bit the bullet and bought Neverwinter Nights: Diamond Edition (PC) It runs it alright, just with one flaw I've found. If I change the character's skin colour or hair colour at character creation they turn all metallicy, like liquid metal =O So, aside from this texture issue, it runs fine. I've put some time into it and I'm getting used to the game. I started up a Mage at first, realised she looked like some kind of Terminator 2000 thing, so made a new character, a Fighter and didn't bother changing the skins. I'm seeing a very strong BGII/Kotor vibe with this, as well as seeing how Biowares games have evolved and influenced even stuff like WoW with this one. Anyway, that aside, its good to be playing some games which go back to my roots. I started out playing RPGs on the PC, with Diablo, Baldur's Gate and loads of other good stuff, and I'm enjoying what I've played so far. I still prefer the rich, detailed backgrounds and environments from BGII to the at times rather bland 3D environments of this. I won't criticise it too much, as it did come out many years ago and it was their first foray into a 3D RPG (correct me if I'm wrong), plus its early days so far. All I've seen is the starting area and some of the Peninsula district of Neverwinter.

I tried a bit more of Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (PSP) ...still not quite into it yet. I did one more mission in the Training academy where I had to find Honey from item spots...but I don't understand where to get it or how. I mean...I got given a Bug Net and a do I get Honey with either of those? =/ They are all like "lol good luck, go find it!"

Other than that, I played a bit more of my rockin Elemental Druid on Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (PC), although I'm technically still on the main game content, in Act II where I left off last time. This game never gets old, seriously. I'm kind of tempted to take a character all the way through Normal difficulty, Nightmare and Hell modes as well. I've never done that. I know the game well enough to succeed I think. Plus its about the only way you could possibly call Diablo II 100% done. There are like endless items so thats not on the cards.

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