Monday, November 19, 2012

Gameinformer's must play current-gen JRPGs

In this apparently awkward transition period between generations (PSP Vita > PSP, Wii U > Wii, 3DS > DS?), it is now a good time to start collecting some of the older games from the PSP, DS and Wii catalogues as a lot of them will start plummeting in price as retailers attempt to focus on the new generation games (is it even a new generation? :S) So here is an interesting article for your (and my) perusal! I really need to get around to playing a lot of these games. The article is a bit old now, I believe it was written back a few months ago, but it has some good (and some questionable) picks for RPGs that are really up there as some of the best.

Sorry, its quite a weak post for now, I will get back to some decent posts soon I hope =)

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