Thursday, January 10, 2013

Some retrospectives, videos and articles

I've been a tad burnt out on games recently, which is annoying as at the moment I've got a little bit more free time that I will when I start back at university on Monday. So now would be the time to try and play some more games...but I've enjoyed reading up on some of the games that I enjoyed playing. Some of these games have strong nostalgic attachment for me, some of them I didn't play when they first released, but I still enjoyed them a lot when I got around to them, like Final Fantasy Tactics, Chrono Trigger (thank god for the DS release) and Final Fantasy VI for example. These juggernauts of their respective sub genres are held so highly that sometimes going into them can only disappoint. Persona 3 FES is one that I've struggled to get into. I've only heard good things, but I'm finding the game difficult to progress through. I might just have to concentrate on it more. Anyway, enjoy the articles I've been perusing recently!

Final Fantasy Tactics Article from the perspective of a first time player

Clan of the Grey Wolf's history of RPGs - I watched this one a while back and can't remember if I talked about it. Really interesting and it kind of makes me want to get into some of these old pillars of the genre.

RPGamer's article on desired PS1 RPGs - A lot of titles on there I haven't played and hope to some day ;_;

Here's a really interesting look at the evolution of the Final Fantasy series. Digital Spy's Final Fantasy Retrospective

Socksmakepeoplesexy Final Fantasy Retrospective

Game Informer's Dragon Quest Retrospective

A massive article from RPGamer spanning the decade's RPG releases and the trends within.

Along the same lines, but in less depth (and mostly looking at 2012), is one of Kat Bailey's posts. I have to say, I've not really followed what Kat Bailey has been saying for a while now, as her 'blog' over at Joystiq doesn't interest me as much as the Grind did. I listened to a bit of their Active Babble podcast but eventually got a bit bored. They droned on a little monotonously. Its worth checking out from time to time though.

RPGFan's Game of the Year articles for 2012

Kotaku looks back at 2012's JRPGs

Another article from the same author, Jason Schreier over at Kotaku, answering the question: Why do people care about JRPGs. I'll seriously need to check his articles out more. I always think the big sites have fairly watered down content, and in many cases, that is true.

Here's one more looking towards 2013: Kotaku's 10 crazy JRPG predictions

Edge Online's article on long RPGs - Its a magazine I occasionally dabble in, but with the wealth of information and articles on the internet, I don't buy as many magazines as I used to.

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