Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pokemon Update: Vivillon collecting

I've been getting really into Pokemon after finishing up Pokemon Black 2 and the post-game legendaries, Fossil pokemon, swarms and other stuff. After that I got the idea that I would try and finish the pokedex in my version of Pokemon X on the 3DS. With the Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter apps, it is arguably not too complicated to 100% the pokedex, add in how easy it is to trade and breed pokemon (even competitively) and you have quite a tempting idea for someone who can get so addicted to games as me.

I was confident I could bring the majority of gen 1 through gen 4 across from my previous games (Diamond, Platinum, Soul Silver, Black, Black 2) and could make quite a good attempt at the pokemon from Black and Black 2 (even though the wifi system is now shut down)

So now that I'm getting close to the end of the pokedex in X (I'm at 658/718) I'm getting pretty invested into collecting the Vivillon patterns. There are lots of trade groups and guides out there, and it is a pretty cool community to be part of. There are 18 patterns of Vivillon in game, and so far, 2 event patterns, one Pokeball Pattern from the new Pokemon Centre opening in Paris this summer, and one still to be released, a Fancy Pattern which will commemorate 100 million trades on the GTS, as Vivillon has been the most traded pokemon on the GTS. People are even predicting when 100 million will be reached. Link

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