Friday, November 23, 2007

So I was at the Black Crusade on Tuesday (Machine Head, Trivium, Dragonforce, Arch Enemy and Shadows Fall playing at the SECC in Glasgow) It was awesome.

The past few days though, I think I have been getting iller(is that a word? =/) or more ill?

I think I pulled something in my back, cos it was really sore this morning, but thats gone now. Now I "just" have a sore throat, cough, stomach and cold. Great eh?

Today was soooo boring. If there was ever proof that geology can be boring, we saw it today.

We went to the British Geological Survey's Borehole core store in Edinburgh and logged and looked at North Sea cores from boreholes all day. To make sure we didn't suffer from any delusions, the lecturer told us before we started that doing core logs is one of the most boring things in geology, that he had spent weeks in the same room and that it "quickly drives you insane" or something to that effect. Great, just the motivation we needed, especially me, cos I felt like death warmed up in the morning.

Which reminds me, its goddamn freezing at the moment.

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