Thursday, November 15, 2007

Streaming video on the net

Tv-links got shut down? That kinda sucks for some people, but it is progress in the war against piracy, or whatever they are trying to stop. I never liked streaming video; bad quality, buffering, constant loading of plugins and pages, with pop-ups on many of the sites, and dead links. Just buy the DVDs, it helps the industry. Anyway, I somehow doubt anyone will be able to shutdown youtube, it's google's cash-cow now. They have rigorous content control now; they perform regular checks for anything breaking rights, laws or copyright and delete the videos, which kinda sucks at times for us, the viewers. I guess they need to do it, if youtube is to 'survive'. Remember how much google paid for youtube? I think that was an insane amount of money for something that doesn't directly make money, but is apparantely worth a lot because of the advertising, and the money that is made through the huge amounts of people visiting the site.

That is enough random half-rant for now.

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