Monday, February 4, 2008

No More Heroes

I've been looking forward to this since I saw Killer 7 on the Gamecube. 
I never got a chance to play it, but I heard it was really good.
This is by the same developer, Grasshopper.

It sounds really cool, hopefully it isnt too repetitive or boring(cutting grass? come on....)
The graphics and style look really awesome. The graphics are cel-shaded(I believe), hopefully they dont look too blocky or bland(The city looked a bit cardboard)
Overall I can imagine the game will be really fun.
I think I'll be getting it when it comes out.

In the game you play as Travis Touchdown, a stereotypical otaku who lives in poverty in the fictional town of Santa Destroy, California. After winning a beam katana in an internet auction he becomes a hitman and kills another hitman, Helter Skelter, which earns him rank 11 by the UAA, the governing body of assassins. For the rest of the game the player lives Travis's life, earning money and climbing the ranks of the UAA.


Release Dates(C+P'd from Game FAQs)

No More Heroes Marvelous 12/06/07 JP
No More Heroes Ubisoft 01/22/08 US
No More Heroes Rising Star 02/28/08 AU
No More Heroes Rising Star 02/29/08 EU


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Gametrailer gameplay video

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