Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Resident Evil, Zombies and god knows what else

Bought Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition, gonna play through it again before RE 5 comes out...whenever it comes out, still no release dates set, not even for Japan or the US.

Anyway, here are some videos of RE4 and 5 so you can see how they look compared.

In 2005 Resident Evil 4 pretty much revolutionised(sp?) both the RE series and the survival horror genres, bringing new camera systems, control systems and enemies, they arent the slow moving stereotypical zombies of old, they are slow moving(but on average faster than the previous RE games I believe) European cultist-farmers(lol, describing it like that makes it sound lame, but thats kinda what they are early in the game.) moving on to more sinister and badass enemies(from what I've seen on other people's save games)

Anyway, I half-forgot some of the stuff I was gonna say about the game. To be honest I only got it today and havent got far into it yet, so thats probably all I can say for now.

So that leads me to RE5. From the video that we have available, it definitely looks similar to RE4, and thats no bad thing, for sure, as RE4 was voted one of the best Gamecube games of all time, and THE best Resident Evil game by Nintendo Official Magazine(I may be wrong, its a while since I read that magazine)

It looks to use a very similar camera angle and from what I can tell, has reaction commands, for example when you get grabbed by one of the bad guys, you can quickly input some controls and shake loose by kicking the face off the attacker. XD
The reactions depend on what character you are using if I remember right(after playing the Mercenaries on other people's saves)

Films like 28 Days Later (2002) definitely helped reshape the concept of zombies in entertainment, taking the slow moving mindless parodies of consumerists seen in *thinks...my brain is turning to mush cos I am tired* Dawn of the Dead I think...the one that was remade recently, and set in an American mall and allowing "Zombies" to be fast, and I think that film has had an influence on survival horror games, particularly those concerned with "zombies." You'll probably see what I mean when you watch the RE5 trailer.

Also worth noting is that it is set in Africa. Hopefully it will mean we see different level design, character design, weather etc. Basically, I am interested since it is a different setting from what we would expect from these games(samey level design will get boring after so many outings), it will hopefully be a much more memorable game than a game set in a poorly designed, unoriginal world.

Some idiotic people have said that killing these dudes is "racist" and that Capcom don't care who they offend, but seriously, if a crazed townsperson/zombie with a rusty axe is running full pelt towards you, you arent exactly gonna stand there and let them beat the shit out of you just cos their skin is a different colour, you are gonna blow them to hell with a shotgun aren't you?

And at the end of the day, its just a game. I dont get offended by games, even crazy ones like Manhunt(where you play a serial killer if I remember right), GTA Vice City and San Andreas where beating up hookers to get your money back is one of the coolest things ever
or....I really cant be bothered thinking of another game that people have taken offence to.
So yeah, getting offended at games is stupid and should be left to the idiots who try to ban games and those who complain about their kids having seizures because of scenes in games. Seriously, if your kid has epilepsy, you shouldnt be buying them First Person Shooters where the gun flare is probably gonna make them take a fit, or any other games in the first place. [I'm getting off-target again]

I should probably end there before I end up offending anyone.

Heres the videos I was talking about;

Resident Evil 4 Gameplay

Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition Trailer
(yeah, I know it came out ages ago, but I didnt like the way that Gameplay vid was edited)

Resident Evil 5 Trailer

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