Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer is here!

As I mentioned in my last post, recently I was on holiday in France for about 2 and a half/3 weeks and got back a few days ago. So I thought I'd post a bit about it and what I've been up to.

We left for France a few weeks ago and went by the newly opened boat from near Edinburgh (Rosyth) to Zeebrugge in Belgium and drove down from there to the Alps over two days-we stayed over at a hotel in Reims. (I think is how its spelt) I don't particularly like travelling by boat...there is always a chance with me it will make me a bit ill, not completely seasick like some people get, but just a little affected. Something to do with the swaying sensation, plus the walls and stuff creaking in the rooms when you are trying to sleep... that kinda sucks. Hehe, it kinda sounds like I went on a pirate ship or some ancient ship, nope it was a brand new.....uh I don't know what you call those kind of boat.

Anyway, so we eventually got to Chamonix in the south of France, high in the alps near Italy and Switzerland. 

Man, the weather was overall very hot down there. Probably too hot for me, but I tried to get a few rays of sunshine rather reluctantly. I guess I don't really like the feeling of being under a really hot sun for too long. Its good for you though I guess, and got a bit burnt and tanned while over there. Not only do I not particularly like the sun, I don't like sun cream..I don't like that slimely sensation lol. One thing I love about Chamonix (I've been there a few times) is the surroundings, the Alps down there are one of the most, if not the most amazing places I've been in terms of scenery. Such epic mountains...I'll upload and edit in some pictures when I can.

So there was quite a lot to do around there(we didn't do all of this); shopping and going to the pubs and cafes in the town of Chamonix(the centre was approx 10 mins walk), paintball, whitewater rafting, hydrospeeding, paragliding (my bro and his girlfriend did this, I didn't wanna though...too scary :3), minigolf or crazy golf or whatever its called-we did this for a laugh, its quite funny sometimes.

Other stuff we did; went in a cable car up to Planpraz(a station on the mountain across the valley from Mont Blanc) and walked about 2 hrs to the next one further down the valley along the same mountain side where we grabbed some food and drinks. It was good, but pretty hard walking in the sun for so was really hot that day. Then got the cable car back down from there.

We hired mountain bikes and went cycling (my brothers hired full-sus bikes and went on one of the downhill routes a 2nd day..I did the first trail, but missed out on the downhill, think I was ridiculously tired or something :[ )

We went in the car to the Sion, in the Swiss canton of Valais one day, which I thought looked pretty amazing as we descended down the windy road from the mountains into the flat-bottomed valley where you could see the city spread all across the valley floor. 

Another pretty cool thing we did was take this train from Chamonix up to the Mer de Glace, a big glacier on one of the mountains up above, on the Mont Blanc side of the valley. There you could see where the ice had cut through the mountainside, pretty cool place up there. I took some photos which I'll try and get uploaded. You can also go down from there right to the glacier, into this cave they have hewn into the ice and filled with lights and ice sculptures. 

Anyway, I'll try get some links to pictures online at some point, thats all for now.

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