Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thanks for your interest and support!

Just a quick message to say thanks to you guys. Since I started the blog way back, I've enjoyed posting all kinds of stuff and getting responses and hits on the page. I added a hit counter or whatever you call them kind of recently so it doesnt reflect the hits the page has had since the very start, but I am still very impressed with how many hits the page has got, for a blog that I don't update very often (as often as I want to)

I know a lot of the hits might just be people stumbling across the blog (for example from the whole RPGamer fiasco*) but I just wanted to thank anyone who has been interested in the blog,  followed the blog over google or the feed, or left comments over the years and I hope I can make the blog better from now on. =D

*I updated my profile on forums with a link to my blog a few months back and a bug on the forums meant my profile details including the link got added to every other member on the forums as well as mine. So at first, people thought I might have hacked the boards and people were kind of angry and understandably so. It turned out that it was not the only time the current forum software on there has made problems and they are currently looking to migrate the whole forums onto some different domain I think. I still feel bad for this even though I didn't do anything intentionally. Its a very good site, here's a link.

If you guys have any ways you think I could improve the blog, or things you might want to see on it then let me know. I welcome any feedback, positive or negative as I'm always trying to make the place better.

It feels pretty good when people give me comments and feedback, maybe I'm doing something right, but I know I can do much better! I'll try to update a lot more frequently from now on.

Thanks for your interest and time!

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