Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hell yeah! My laptop is working again!

My laptop randomly stopped picking up my wireless network a few weeks ago and now I turned it back on after a while of using the other computer and now it works again somehow! Miraculous!

Much more convenient for me, so I can use the net anywhere in the house again, and I have all my favourites and bookmarks back! yay :D

Also, I finished getting all the necessary forms ready to post off to the Uni of Edinburgh. I already applied to them online, but their system is new and kinda unpredictable. It sent me emails back saying that they couldnt read most of the supporting documentation that I had to upload. So I've printed them off and just need to send em out the good foolproof old fashioned way-post! I just hope they dont get lost in the post, knowing me that could well happen....

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