Monday, April 6, 2009

Recently Released PAL RPGs

I played some more Kingdom Hearts today, got to the Olympus Coliseum and I'm kinda stuck on the Phil Cup, I kinda suck at this game lol. I think I just need to restock up on items and I should manage it fine.

There are a few games out at the moment that I've got my eye on. Lots of good PAL RPGs have been released recently-here are a few;

Persona 4 (PS2) - published in PAL regions by Square Enix on March 13th and developed by Atlus this comes boxed with a soundtrack disc. Last time I checked it was around £20 in Gamestation or around £15-20 online. It has had good reviews so far - and I wanna pick it up before it goes up in, but I dont think it will for a while. Even if it goes out of the charts in stores here, there should be lots online on Amazon, Ebay etc.;title;0

 Chrono Trigger (DS) - This got released in the UK on February 26th, 2009. It is a DS port of the fan favourite SNES rpg. I like the way they havent changed too much and they've given the players options to cjoose what they want the game to play like. They have apparantely tacked some extras on, which is good even though they dont flow too well from the game.

   Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride (DS) - released recently in PAL regions, this remake/port has had good reviews so far, I've heard its one of the best Dragon Quest games, so I want to pick it up sometime soon, also because I am playing through DQIV at the moment.

 Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (DS) - I've talked about this one before. I'm a huge Castlevania fan and I want to try this one soon, I've heard good things about it. Apparantely its VERY hard in places. I love challenging castlevania games, so far I havent been beaten by any of the GBA or DS titles. I'm looking forward to picking this one up.

 Star Ocean Second Evolution (PSP) - I recently finished First Departure and I'm looking to pick this one up, its still around £20 though. For some reason I dont like the idea of psp games coming out at £30, I would buy DS games for that much, but unless its a really good psp game, I dont like paying the full price for psp games. Anyway, this one apparantely lacks the polish of the first one, but I still want to play this. I liked the crafting system in the first psp remake even though I didnt fully understand it. Plus its got more of the same anime cutscenes by Production IG, the awesome studio that brought us Ghost in the Shell, Blood: The Last Vampire and lots more. Other games they have worked on have been Children of Mana-I found it dissapointing, but it had nice cutscenes and character designs.

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