Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tales of Vesperia

Almost a year after it was first released in Japan, Tales of Vesperia will apparantely be getting a PAL release on the Xbox 360, as well as an updated PS3 version. I'm interested in this, as although I've not played many Tales games (I've played Tales of Symphonia) I quite like the look of this and enjoyed ToS on the Gamecube. One more reason to get a PS3 for some people right there. I'm determined not to get one, but things are starting to get released that are making me think about it. Still nowhere near a must have console for me yet though, not enough rpgs yet...

This is kinda old news but it still interests me. Tales of Vesperia wasnt always going to come to PAL regions until this news recently. The more JRPGs the better! :P

Some more screens from IGN

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