Sunday, April 26, 2009

Laughing at drunk people is FUN!

So over the course of today I saw loads of drunk people..and I had to laugh at them. I was walking home about half 1oish or so, I had to leave early from my mate's party to get a train back home, the first guy I come across is lying in the middle of the pavement with his iPod on and an empty takeaway box in the other hand. Someone asked if he was alright and he was like, "yeah!" or something lol, another guy had fallen in the subway and pwned himself on the escalator, he had a big escalator mark on his forehead...owch lol. The subway staff were pretty concerned, he'd probably have to go to like hospital or something. Another guy on the underground missed his stop and his friend made it, everyone on there started laughing at him, that was pretty funny hehe...And on the train back through here at half 11(the last Glasgow-Edinburgh train) it was full of drunk lass was completely out of it, like unconscious or something. Funny thing was, she was sitting on the outside seat, so when someone tried to wake her up to get past for their stop, that wasn't happening at all. I'd laugh so much if she'd missed her stop by like half an hour or something. Drink can screw people over so bad, its all self inflicted which is the funny thing though.

Omg, I must go to the Square Enix museum in Tokyo. Its got insane merchandise and awesomeness! 

I will make it there some day! :D

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