Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some impressions on one of the wierdest named games I've ever played.

Yup, I picked Infinite Undiscovery up again the other night. I was in the mood for something 3D and action rpg-ish so I decided to put a bit more time into my game on this. I played for a couple hours the other night before getting a game over screen and losing a LOT of progress. This game seems to like doing that takes away save points, puts them in places you might not go to on the way to your next destination and other similarly frustrating things. Its not a hard game, but when you can't save in the field and go through an entire mission only to die on the boss and have to redo the last few hours, it really pisses me off.

Anyway, flaws aside (the game has a lot of minor flaws) I have been kind of hooked and drawn in. Something must be good about it if I played for a good 5 or 6 hours today. For the most part, I've really liked the music in the game. There are only a few instances when it doesn't seem to fit to well-it's either out of place or slightly overdramatic, but apart from those early blips, the music is nicely done.

The other side of the audio, the voice acting, is pretty weak for the majority of the characters. Its been so bad at times I've laughed out loud. Laughably bad isn't a particularly good thing. Its like some of the actors didn't know what they were doing or the context was for the lines.

Graphically, the game is average, with some pretty good aspects. Its got a good art style behind it, just some of the character models look a bit...lifeless. A lot of bland, uninteresting areas in the game as well, which feel like they've been made bigger than is necessary, maybe to make the game larger. The cutscene graphics are alright, but sometimes could be better for sure. It does have some graphically really nice moments, the game though.

Like I said before, some of the areas you visit, especially the towns, really seem like they could be more detailed and interesting. There are whole houses with barely anything in them in places. I actually kinda felt sorry for this one NPC who said for some reason he wanted to hang around this warehouse and protect the goods from the incoming Tsunami (wtf?!) All he had in there was like 1 rat, a bunch of chests I raided a few seconds earlier and a couple crates and barrels...

 Storywise, a lot of stuff is yet unexplained, or perhaps it will stay that way, I'll have to play more to see. I like some of the ideas and settings (the idea of this Order of Chains chaining up the moon which is very important to the people of this world) and I hope the story picks up and gets more interesting the way the other tri-Ace game I'm playing (SO2) does. I know I'm being harsh on the game but there are things I like about it and don't. I'll see if my opinion sways either way as I progress.

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