Monday, August 31, 2009

TV Choice.

Another new series of posts I thought I'd bring to the blog, this one will be something a bit different. Each week (or so) I'll talk about some various TV shows, movies and anime I like.

There will no doubt be some you might have seen and some you haven't and if I can get you interested enough to watch/enjoy any of them, that'll be reward enough for me.

I'll talk briefly about 3 shows, anime or movies every week, so I'll get to the point and get this over with. >_- [I say that because its been sitting in my drafts for a while now..]

Born Survivor: Bear Grylls aka Man vs Wild
(Discovery, Channel 4)

The premise behind this one is that former SAS Bear Grylls is basically dropped off in remote and inhospitable places in the wild and tries to get back to civilisation and how to survive in such places. Kind of similar to some of Ray Mear's programs, but more interesting in my opinion. Some of the stuff he does is ridiculuously stupid, for example when he jumps into quicksand or frozen lakes just to show how to get out, although when I do get stranded in some wilderness I'll know how to get out of these situations...allegedly. lol.. -_-
I am really interested in nature and the ways it works, so this program is really down my street. Its not gonna be for everyone, I'm guessing if you are squeamish or anything it might not be your cuppa tea because he does have to kill some animals and eats some pretty nasty things.

Here's some video.

The new series starts tomorrow on Discovery Channel in the UK. I'd recommend the series.

(Living 2 in the UK, others in the US)

For me, I only just got into this, but its been around for a while now. I'd always thought I'd like the series and been told I'd like it and when I watched a couple episodes recently, I was really impressed. Imagine some kind of cross between The X-Files, CSI, Medium, maybe even Charmed and thats more or less what you have here. In fact, its one of those shows where I saw an episode for the first time and immediately went to see how much the DVD boxsets were. So far I've not given in yet, but I'm very nearly sold on the first season. (Its cheap on at the moment)

Its got a really good mix of funny moments, horror(ish) moments and dramatic scenes. I like the style at times as well, the characters listen to a bunch of decent old classic rock and heavy metal. Always good =D

Eleventh Hour
(CBS, Living TV)

I'm not too sure if this is still on TV on any networks or channels, but it should be available on dvd (I'm not too sure on that one.) Or somewhere on the interwebs from less legitimate sources *cough* Its kind of like CSI/X-Files style drama with 2 members of the FBI investigating unusual paranormal cases. Its a really cool show and I wish there was more of it than just the one series. At the moment there are no plans for any further series. Even so, check this one out!

Anyway, that'll do for now as I've run out of ideas of any more stuff to say -_-

Check those shows out if you get the chance, and I'll bring 3 more some time next week.

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