Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yays! Golden Sun!

Ah tink ah smells me a...Golden Sun?

I've been really wanting to start Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age recently, probably brought on by the mention of the DS title on the way but I'm sure I had the urge to play it even before I heard about it. I have awesome memories of playing the games back when I was younger, I really enjoyed them!

I was holding off starting the first until I got another copy of the 2nd game however. I had both back in the day but they kind of got lost somewhere down the line and finally won the 2nd in an ebay auction today. I only put in the minimum bid as well, so picked it up for less than a tenner. £5 plus about 2 for shipping or something, within the UK. That is for a boxed copy, with instructions, pretty good, especially if it comes with the trinkets like the map, I'm not sure if it will come with them.

So I think I'll be playing Golden Sun 1 & 2 soon, possibly after I beat Star Ocean 2 PSP. Good times! =)

Also, houmous is awesome hehe, I love that stuff! *Omnom nom* n_n

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