Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gamespot's Games of the Year 2009.

The people over at Gamespot published these around Christmas time, and I meant to do a post talking about them and linking em, but I didn't feel like it n_n 

So here we go, have a look and see if you agree/disagree/or whatever. A lot of these games I haven't actually played, and I'll need to check some of em out at some point. Stuff like Uncharted 2 has got a LOT of good reviews and attention. My lack of PS3 has kinda made it hard to play for me though.

Gamespot UK's GotY 09 Feature

They have a lot of categories, click on either the button that puts you to the next subaward in each, or click the collapsable thing at the righthand side on each:

Special Achievement

Dubious Honours

Genre Awards

Platform Awards

Game of the Year

Early 2010 Anticipated

Its probably easier if you check the rest of the stuff yourselves in the links, since it is kinda strangely layed out.

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