Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some RPG gaming news..

I've not been posting much recently about games coming out, mainly because of Christmas and the lack of news and announcements of games over the holiday season. Now we are getting out of the holidays, a trickle of news has started.

Knights in the Nightmare gets PSP port

I saw this first on one of the blogs I am signed up to, destructoid I think it was, a day or two ago. The DS RPG/Bullet hell hybrid will be getting ported to the PSP, with some changes. Personally, I am a bit sceptical..the stylus really made sense for those wisp aspects of the gameplay. Anyway, I've still not played my DS copy of this, so I can't say much more about it. I've heard really good things about it, even though it is complicated and has tonnes of tutorials. Maybe more people will play it this way, who knows?

Here are some links.

Mass Effect 2, not long now!

There isn't too long left before this one gets released. Here is the Launch centre over at Gamespot. They have a lot of screenshots and articles on the various classes.

Dragon Age: Origins Awakening expansion

This has been known about on the net for a while now I think, but I only just looked into it in the past few days, to try and make sense of the announcements they have made for the game's DLC and expansions. There are two pieces on the way. The Return to Ostagar DLC has been pushed back to an unspecified release date. The near full price expansion Awakening will be $30-39.99 and feature a lot of added on stuff. One new Origin story, and a feature to import your characters from the original game, create a new one and respec' your old characters. That should be interesting. Check out the trailer below in the RPGfan and eurogamer articles. 

I just found some more about Return to Ostagar. It is apparantely out now. :O Good stuff!

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