Sunday, February 28, 2010

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Sorry for the lateness of this, I was out at the weekend and stayed over at my friend's on Sunday, so couldn't post this. Still, I don't think that it is quite apocalypse-causing material, but I like to have an order to things and stick to them. So here is what I've been playing this week.

I've been putting a lot more time into Dragon Age: Origins (360) since last time I posted on here, I got through Orzammar which was the last of the main story quests you can choose to do in an order you want. Now I'm mucking around Denerim, doing sidequests and going on with the Landsmeet part of the main quest. I got my Drakescale and Dragonscale armour! =D Really good stuff, I play it on and off, but when I do play it, it really sucks me in and gets me addicted. Its really well written, but it seems to lack a bit of polish in some places. Perhaps the combat could be better, although I imagine it would be a LOT better on the PC, where you can pause it and move to an isometric camera angle like in the Baldur's Gate games. The combat seems a bit frantic with the enemy AI clashing with your AI controlled party members, especially when choke points like a door or small rooms are involved. Still, definitely loving this game, one of my favourite 360 games that I've played so far, at least out of the RPGs. I love the detail Bioware put into the Codex in the Mass Effect and Dragon Age games, like this reference to Mass Effect in Dragon Age's codex: 

"Mass will have an effect," he says.

As long as it lifts us out, I figure.

Should have specified "within my lifetime."

"Gives us time to talk", he says.

"How's a dwarf get named Shepard?"

Up yer shaft.

"No really, because blah, blah, blah."

Axe answers, but I still hear him.

Drip... ground.

Drip... ground.

Worse than his talking.

Think I'll drop out for some air. 

Excerpt: Dwarven Verse in One Volume

Selection: Load Limit Reached

Anonymous scratching recovered from a cage hoist... eventually."

I had been mucking around with Etrian Odyssey (DS) in the first few floors, watching some videos and following some hints on sites to try and get ahead in this game, which I think I've got down. I've got a trick with the Chop skill on some of my secondary guild members to bring in money whenever I need it, its very slow paced and grindy this game, but enjoyable once you get a feel for the game. I've kinda put it on hold for now. I started up Golden Sun again, going through that and I'll probably come back to EO soonish so I can put more time into it and hopefully the 2nd before the 3rd in the series comes out.

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII (PS2). I had a savegame on this from a couple months back and decided to pick it up again. I got through the last couple missions of the game and finished it off in a day or two. Took me about 11 or so hours  I think, and the challenge really dropped off in the last stages of the game, which was odd. You get to go to some really cool areas though, I was thinking it was quite average for the early parts of the game, but when you get to see the scenes in Midgar and past that point in the story, it really started to grow on me, even things that bugged me like the camera, controls, ammo system, money/exp system and targetting reticule became kinda forgotten cos I had started to enjoy it more. So pretty good game, more for FFVII fans than anything else though. It still feels a bit clunky on the gameplay side though.

I played loads more of Halo 3 (360) and Halo: ODST (360) multiplayer at my friend's place, ODST has grown on me a bit since I first played it and thought a lot of things were odd about it, like the darkness and how hard it is to see things, and the noises, stamina and health system. Firefight seems a cool multiplayer game, its basically like Horde in Gears of War 2, or Nazi Zombies in CoD:WaW if I remember right. Your basic survival mode, facing up against waves of dudes. For Halo fans, there will be a Halo Reach beta coming out soon if you have the ODST disc. Wednesday this week I think it was. (Although that was just what I overheard on Xbox Live, so that might not be right)

I was aiming to get the max map completion and all the Alucard endings in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1) and managed that near the start of the week. The only thing I need to do now for 100% is get all the items and beat Richter mode which is unlocked after clearing the game I think. Actually, there are Axe Armour and another code  that I forget, but I think they are hidden extras. I might get around to some of that stuff in a few months or somethng, since I really like this game. Definitely among my favourite Castlevania games, if not my top. Really good controls compared to some of the other metroidvanias which take some steps backwards at times, as well as brilliant music and graphics for a quite old PS1 game. The inverse castle felt a bit like lazy game programming, but it was interesting to see some of the areas with a different feel. After a while, it did feel completely different. 

I've started up a new save on Golden Sun (GBA), after I originally beat the game, but lost my cartridges for both GS and the sequel GS:tLA... T_T Thats what happen when people borrow your games, seriously... So I wanted to play through Golden Sun and the 2nd, Golden Sun: The Lost Age before Golden Sun DS comes out at some point, possibly getting 100% in this one if its not too hard, as I've played it before many times, I can refer to guides if I need without spoiling stuff too much.

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