Thursday, February 25, 2010

Site overhaul/reworking.

I've taken the links sidebar away and I'm gonna try reworking a few things on the blog in the next few weeks. I will put a more improved links list up eventually. I might also try fiddling around with my regular(ish) column type posts:

Now Playing - this is basically where I talk each week about the games I've been playing, what I think about them etc. Posted every Sunday.

Game of the Month - I try (not very successfully)to put one of these out each month on games I think are exceptional in some regards. I might stop writing these, because I sometimes fail to initially decide on each game, and then take ages writing the things.

Anime Impressions - the newest column I've introduced, and one I will continue to work on assuming I watch enough anime. I'm really wanting to keep this one up as it brings more about anime to the blog, which I haven't talked about on here in ages.

Recent Purchases - pretty much dead, as I am trying to buy less and less games, but who knows, I'll keep my options open and not stop writing these completely. I might post some of these in the future. I'm gonna be getting a shitload of stuff around March..

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