Friday, July 9, 2010

Gaming funk or something..

Recently I've not been that interested in games, I mean I've been playing some here and there but something hasn't been right.. I don't know, maybe I'm just kind of getting burnt out, maybe its the games I have not interesting me much or maybe gaming quality has gone down hill recently. Maybe its because I've been ill or not in a vastly hardcore mode. Maybe its more to do with my focus on the RPG genre, maybe I need a change from them. Who knows?

Sometimes I get this feeling, can never tell why or what to do to remedy it.

To be honest I think there have been a lot of good games recently. I've been playing some quite innovative RPGs(at least compared to what we've already seen in the west): Demon's Souls and Sakura Wars: So Long My Love are the two that jump to mind immediately. I blasted through Sakura Wars and had a lot of fun with that to be honest, but some of the other games I've been trying out haven't impressed me much.

Tales of Eternia is a fairly generic RPG from what I can tell so far. Nothing has jumped out at me from it so far. The graphics are boring (I mean, it is a remake of a PS1 game I think, so I'll let that one slip), the voice acting is average, not too bad but not brilliant either, the story lacks any real interesting stuff, the minigames and a lot of the gameplay mechanics are poorly explained (even with multiple tutorials they are still confusing and awkward) and have terrible controls. The characters are pretty boring for the most part, and the character designs are some of the worst I've seen. Why am I still playing this? God knows, I am slowly getting through it somehow.

Other than that I'm playing Golden Sun and I'm at the start more or less. Just got the first djinn after leaving the starting town. I've played this game so many times and last time I played it (a few months ago) I just got past this bit and then my data deleted itself. So thats kind of putting me off playing any more, and I can't really be bothered going for 100% completion either. I do need some kind of clear data so I can go onto the 2nd game sometime soon. I never did finish it, and want to before Dark Dawn comes out on the DS. Just so I have shit down in terms of story (unfortunately they won't be doing anything with the GBA game slots since they've slowly phased them out of the DS consoles.)

Demon's Souls is pretty damn awesome, such good atmosphere and it does feel really rewarding when you get the stage memorised and get through it. Feels really like you've achieved something in the game, as some of the stages can be really tough at first. But I've not played this in a couple days as I've been ill and not really felt like it right now.

I've tried playing games I really like, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, some Super Mario Sunshine, Dissidia: Final Fantasy (I am not a huge fan of this game tbh), but none of them have held my attention for long. So my main aim is to get through Tales of Eternia, I think I'm at least half way in that. I dunno, I might just watch more TV and some anime if I can't bebothered playing many games at the moment.

OMG though, today Dragon Age 2 just got its official release date. March 2011. Now that  will be a game I will look forward to. Bloody loved the first game. 

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