Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Quick Update.

Just to say that I've been ill the past few days T_T I don't know why I've got ill during the summer (probably my diet not being healthy enough or something) anyway, not really related to that but I might not be posting much in the next few weeks. I'll probably do a Now Playing this Sunday and perhaps an Anime Impressions post on Angel Beats! if I get a bit further through it (I've only watched the 1st 2 eps so far.)

But after that, I'll be away on holiday either a week on Thursday or Friday (we are currently deciding whether we should go a day earlier or not) I'll be away to Chamonix in the French Alps for a bit longer than 2 weeks. Should be good! I'll be bringing my DS and PSP so I'll crack on with a couple of my handheld games but I don't think I'll be posting on here much during that time (not entirely sure on that, as I might bring my laptop if I can get wifi over there, but I dunno, might just take a break without interwebs for a while)

Anyway, enjoy these pics to make up for this crappy post and my probable lack of content in the weeks to come. I'm actually a bit more into Tales of Eternia today as opposed to just playing little bits yesterday, so I might actually manage to finish it before I go on holiday. Thats my aim for now! *Strikes heroic pose*

I have tonnes of motivationals, might post some another time =3

Hope you all have a good summer!

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Dark Magician said...

Those pictures are epic win XD.

Enjoy the alps dude, hope you have a good time. Also hope there's some fit french maid bitch to clean your room or something XD