Monday, January 10, 2011

New ideas for features.

I've been thinking of writing a few features on the blog. They will most likely be a series of posts with a common theme or goal to them.

1) Retrospective series on old game series.

In these, I was thinking I would do a maximum of 3 games in each retrospective, and talk about my experiences of the first hour of each game (and the game as a whole, although I'd just be playing the first hour of each). Also in there would be a bit of history on the series and why exactly I do or do not like the games. They will of course be games that I've played already so that I can talk in depth about them. I'd like to talk about the 3 games and how they link together perhaps, influence one another and other games in the genre (or other genres as the case may be)

They might be parts of series, or maybe entire series if I can play the main games within the 3 game limit.

My ideas for which games to play as part of this series so far are:

The Final Fantasy series (namely the PS1 'trilogy' of FFVII, VIII and IX)

The Castlevania series (perhaps the GBA or DS metroidvanias as there are 3 of each)

I'm open to other suggestions for series that you want me to cover. It'd be better if the games are some that I've finished. Failing that, you can suggest games for me to pickup and do some posts on. A list of the games I have can be found here. Final note would probably be that they will most likely be RPGs, but not necessarily. They aren't the only thing I play (nearly though =p)

2) IOS buyer's guide for RPGs.

This was the one I just came up with after having a look around the (at times hard to navigate) Apple App Store. Basically the idea will be to compile a list of must have titles for a genre. I'm more than likely going to be doing this on RPGs, as they are my favourite genre. I've found that since receiving an Ipod Touch 4th gen at Christmas, the App store can definitely be hard to find what you are looking for. It has a few different ways in which they sort things, but you really need to do a lot of browsing and searching to find things. I couldn't really find something along the lines of a list of the top RPGs available on the net. So, I will try out as many interesting looking games for the IOS and attempt to compile a guide which might help people with similar tastes find decent games.

Alternatively, I could try this on other platforms as well, such as the DS (which many will be holding off on buying now, but they will of course continue to sell like hotcakes)

3) Top 5 Features.

Yeah these have been done to death on the internet, whether it be in blog format, video format or whatever else. Still, I find them quite interesting to read through, to see other people's preferences for favourite games, or specific aspects within games.

I have a few ideas for top 5's; the one I want to work on most is Top 5 games with outstanding art styles. Thats my arty side coming to the surface. =p I'm more than likely going to stay away from soundtracks. Even though I'm quite into music in general, I can never decide on entire soundtracks and the order in which I would rank them. I'm really indecisive, so that doesn't help me putting together lists, top 3's or top 5's.

Hopefully I've described these musings of mine in a remotely interesting fashion, furthermore, I hope I can actually find time to bring some of them to fruition. *Evil laugh* >:)

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