Sunday, January 16, 2011

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I start back at uni tomorrow, which is always stressful for me, as I'm always nervous I won't be able to readjust my body clock to early starts. I've been practicing going to sleep a bit earlier than normal and getting up earlier for the past couple days. Then again, I stress out way too much about the stupidest things... ;_; I mean I am looking forward to going back to uni as well because I've started getting bored with not enough to do in my days off. A month is probably a little bit too much for a Christmas holiday (its more than I'm used to, or perhaps its just I've had way too many of these Christmas breaks already at school and uni beforehand...)

I've been trying to move on with my save of Golden Sun: The Lost Age (GBA) and finish it up by the time I start back at uni. I got a bit sidetracked and bored at times, but I am still enjoying this game. I'm now on the second bit of the world map that you can unlock, at the Shaman's village about to do the road of trials. This is as far as I've been in the game I believe. I didn't get this far when I first played the game originally. There is so much more to do in this game than in the first game, definitely. And to be honest, I've been using a guide a little bit more than I would normally do with a game, but for some reason I want to 100% complete this game as I did so in the first, transferred my data via a Gold password (I actually have a GBA cable but couldnt find a second console) so I can get a total of 72 Djinn in this game I think. So I'm going for that, as well as the optional quests and whatnot. I don't know if I'll be able to get all the items in the game on this playthrough, but I'm trying to get as many as possible.

Towards the end of the week, I started up my file on Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP) again. I had put the game down a month or two ago because I was stuck on quest with 2 Diablos, one normal and one of the Black variant. It was a bit of a wall for me because I had got more or less as strong weapons as I could get with the quests I had unlocked. My armour could always use some work, but I had upgraded my Blango set pretty far as it stood. So I eventually got past that after trying a few different things, Sonic Bombs, Flash Bombs, Traps and Tranq bombs to catch them. I managed to catch the Black one after whittling it's massive amount of health down with my Princess Rapier to try and poison it when I could. It(and most monsters) seems to get poisoned when they are vulnerable. In this case, when you Sonic Bomb it out of the ground. I had tried an Ice attribute sword and shield, and use it to cut their tails off, but I didn't have massive success with reaching the tails with the rather short range of the SnS. So other than Ice, poison is fairly effective in killing the Black Diablos, or at least taking some of it's health away.

Anyway, now that I've beaten that quest, I am stuck once again. This time on Shen Gaoren, the final Urgent quest from the Village Elder in MHFU. I've been using Sword and Shield the entire time through the game as its a fairly good beginner's weapon set choice. I'm really struggling with doing enough damage to Shen in the time limit I have for this quest. SnS is one of the weakest weapon types in the game, but I like it as it is fairly well rounded. It is fast, light, defensive and has a pretty good range of elemental and status weapons. So I've been trying out a few other options, such as buffing my attack, using extra ballista shots and a whole bunch of bombs, large, small and bounce types. I can get his legs bright red and make him fall, but finishing him off before he nukes the town is proving rather tough...I've tried making bowguns as it is one of the easiest ways to take him down, but I'm a bit of a newb at those. I've not decided if I'm gonna concentrate on blademaster weapons such as my SNS, forge a hammer or go into HBGs for this guy. Ideally I'd like to just continue on with my trusty sword and shield and go through the entire game with just the one type of weapon.

I'll catch up with my friends in uni tomorrow and ask the one guy who got me into Monster Hunter in the first place about Shen. Hmm, I tried out a Hammer after watching a few videos and managed to do the Shen Gaoren rather easier. The damage it puts out makes it cower down a lot more often, which is crucial for preventing damage to the town it seems.

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