Friday, December 18, 2009

Now Playing - "Even if you end up as the world's enemy, I'll...I'll be your knight."

Final Fantasy VIII

"I'll be waiting for you. If you come here, you'll find me. I promise."

I've put quite a bit more time into FFVIII now that I've finished uni for the christmas break and I'm fairly far through disc 3 (I think.) Hm, I can't get spoiler tags on here, so I'll try not to potentially ruin the story for people. [I know its an old game, but now with the PSN release, people who never beat it might be currently playing it. Plus, I hate getting stories spoiled.] I'm starting to get more into it now, as I've got a bit of freedom to go around picking stuff up that I missed, and just stocking up on my items, magic and getting more GFs. I just got Cactuar, so now I just need a few more. (I really doubt I'll go for Doomtrain its a lot of hassle and I might have actually missed my chance, because I didnt get that ring you need anyway) 

And the story is starting to get really involving and emotional, which is keeping me playing. So I'm kinda getting over the annoyances of the draw and junction system now that I've got more options to make my characters strong, and my overall opinion of the game is looking a little more positive. 

1 Tent makes 10 Curagas? Thats an awesome deal, I refined a bunch of them on the Ragnarok to help against those goddamn aliens. Got 100 for Squall and Rinoa and junctioned em up to my HP to raise them through the roof compared to what I had with Life or Ultima equipped.

I'm also working on getting the abilities on Tonberry to make shopping more lucrative so I can try and get unlimited money by buying Tents and Cottages and Refining them to Megapotions or whatever it is you get, and then selling them on for profit. Although I think I have more than enough money as it is. There isn't a whole lot you actually need to spend money on in this game is there?

Cactuar Island is pretty damn good for learning abilities, I've almost got all my GFs to learn all the different abilities, a few ones left on the later Guardian Forces. I got a bit bored though, and turned it off. I think I'll learn a few more and continue on with the story.

By the looks of it, theres a tonne more optional stuff to do that I haven't, so I'm not sure which things I will attempt. (I've already given up on getting all the cards, so I'm gonna mod the rare ones I did get at some point. 100 elixirs from Angelo? kthnx =D) I don't know if I can be bothered doing all the optional stuff, seeing as how my play time is already over 80 hours...(I fell asleep with it on twice or so)

Final Fantasy VI Advance

Still really enjoying this, but I've got to a bit in the game where the enemies are pretty damn strong. Its when you drop onto the floating continent, they seem way harder than anything I've fought before-Behemoths, Platinum Dragons, Misfits and a wierd one, its just called Dragon, and it back attacks me each time. When it wiped me out before, I didn't actually get a game over, although I might be wrong, I might not have noticed.

OK since then, I beat the incredibly badass Ultima Weapon and got off the floating continent. 

I think I'll be able to finish this if I put in another 10 or 20 hours, but I'm gonna try beat FFVIII first-I'm closer to the end in it.

Dragon Warrior Monsters

I'm still not too far into this(although I might be, I've just beaten the Bravery World.) I'm finding it a lot harder to level up compared to the 2nd game, and I need to breed some stronger monsters and raise them high enough for their stats and skills to be good enough to take on the next Arena battle. Grindy, as with a lot of Dragon Quest games, to be expected. I still haven't got my full level of patience with this yet. That usually comes when I put a fair bit of time into a game, and you need it on these games to keep rebreeding and strengthening mons.

Behold the awesomeness and hilariousness of the boxart. 10 year old GB games rule =p


Dark Magician said...

I'm glad you're playing all the old Final Fantasies dude. I always kinda felt like it was only me who had played them until Joe got them on his psp.

How are you finding the cactuars? I always found that Squall was the only one who could hit them before they ran away, but still the AP is well worth it.

Are you planning on fighting Omega Weapon? And also make sure you get 4xElem Def and 4xStat Def on all your chars. You can easily delete stuff like Magic, Summon etc from some GFs to make room for them.

Berserk_Alucard said...

Nah, I think we all played FFVIII back when it came out. It was the first Final Fantasy me and Joe (and quite a few other people in the UK) played. I never did beat it though, the junction system was what got me stuck back then, and what caused me most problems throughout the game, especially going into Ultimecia's castle and just before the final battles.

The Cactuars were easy once I got a good few junctions on my guys. Squall was fine with his perfect accuracy, but that could be improved on with Initiative to act instantly, and get that on your other guys as soon as possible as well, along with magic junctioned to hit. There are a few really good ones, I can't remember if it was Double or something.

Haste junctioned to speed as well if you cant get Initiative on one character (I had it on 2 IIRC). By the end of it, I had Initiative on Squall and Rinoa, and Haste or Initative on Zell, who couldnt hit them, so just stocked up his Haste draws from the Cactuars.

I didn't really want to fight Omega Weapon, just went for the last couple battles. Man, Griever gave me some problems for a while lol, when he hit with Shockwave Pulsar. By the end of it, I just had Rinoa and Zell, Squall had been swallowed in time T_T