Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Now Playing - "Kneel before me!"

Still not had much time to play games, but when I did find time, I played a couple more hours on Final Fantasy VIII, getting to disc 3 finally, and decided to go looking for some of the optional stuff that I missed earlier ie. Tonberry and Odin. I never got these when I originally played the game, so checked up how to do so on a guide. Although I do remember hearing how to get Tonberry King to appear back in the day-kill 20 Tonberries. I am currently in the middle of doing that, I think I beat 7 so far. I managed to get Odin, with 35 seconds to spare lol >.<

I love the Tonberries, such an awesome enemy =p Tough lil critters!

I also played a bit more of Final Fantasy VI Advance. I got to the bit on Crescent Island after the burning house in Thamasa, I'm now heading for the mountains after that bit. So far, I'm really liking the Esper system for learning magic and getting stat gains, thats one aspect that I can see myself putting a lot of time into. I reckon I'll try and get all the spells, or as many as I can on a lot of my characters.

And I started up Dragon Warrior Monsters for the Game Boy, well continued on with the save I had. I'm around an hour and a half into it now, and here is my team of awesome.

Well to be honest, they aren't that awesome, I just have what I have got in the story so far, I've not got into the monster breeding yet. I don't think I'm quite at that stage yet even though I've unlocked the Starry Night thing ie ability to breed the monsters. Will need to put some more time into this when I get the chance.

Its quite an old game, and doesn't look particularly good, but the substance is there, from what I can tell. I played the hell out of the 2nd one, Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Adventure and I'd definitely recommend it if you like Monster collecting games like Pokemon, but not. You can get all the monsters in game, without having to go to Japan, or get 2 DSes and 4 or so seperate games. Saying, that, I do still love Pokemon games, and I've been playing a wee bit here and there of Pokemon Platinum, trying to put more dex entries in, but theres so many...its damn intimidating. 

Anyways, till next time! I'll be writing some reviews of FFVI Advance and FFVIII when I eventually beat them, and probably Dragon Warrior Monsters too.

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