Friday, March 26, 2010

Final Fantasy music.

I miss the music of old, better be back for FFXIV. Some of the epic soaring songs from the pre-XIII games really put them up there among my favourite games. I should note before I start, I don't know an awful lot about music, so I'm not under any misconceptions that I am any kind of expert, but I know what I like the sound of, and I try to think about when things fit or don't.

Something about the latest outing in the Final Fantasy series lacks impact in places, but I do like some of the songs. The Chocobo theme is pretty damn cheery and uplifting, even if you don't get to stay in that area for long, it is a welcome change in mood. 


The XIII soundtrack is very varied, and it seems to have some of those bizarre choices from some of the other games like some of VIII's music (the Waltz, sure it fits in the actual dance scene early on, but not in the dark as heck lategame stages in space.) One example from XIII is the song that plays in some of Sahz's cutscenes. It is like this wierd harmonica blues style music..really bad choice. 

Its got a vast amount of tracks it seems, with each chapter having a couple of songs at least. Anything from rock, jazz, techno to drum and bass it seems, some of which fit in quite nicely, some of which are quite ambient and perhaps not quite memorable enough, some of which are remixes of other songs in the game, and some which just feel downright out of place. 

Like, I appreciate that they are trying to do something different for XIII, but I really don't think the soundtrack is as good as some of the older games.

I had meant to do more in this post, but its a couple days since I wrote this and kinda forgot what I was going to say...I guess you can enjoy these pictures at least. Epic stuff. 

I wonder what the soundtracks for the next Final Fantasy games will be like.

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