Sunday, March 28, 2010

Now Playing - "Harbinger of your destiny"

Sunday again and I've been playing way too much games this week. Should really be working for my upcoming exams T_T So I finished up Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) a couple days ago after leaving most of the marks for afterwards. Parts of this game I really like, for example just wandering around postgame grinding and looking for treasure and sidequests, but parts of the game...I don't know, they still kill this game for me. It definitely grew on me though as I went through, and I'm still gonna work on the sidequests and trophies in between other games. Speaking of which, I started up a game I'd wanted to play for ages, and was really hyped up for when it came out.

Mass Effect 2 (360) - this one was a bit soured for me considering I bought the special edition of the game and still haven't been able to get the DLC codes to work. I really hate that EA make you jump through hoops just to fuckin register the damn thing. So for now I'm just trying to concentrate on the game and not let that ruin my experience of it. 

My initial opinions are that the shooter aspects have definitely been improved upon and polished up, but it really seems like less of the RPG elements have been included (or their importance has been dumbed down a bit) The cover system frustrates me, its nowhere near the Uncharted 2 level, or better yet the Gears of War level of things (I still think the GoW games have the best cover systems I've played) 

It's pretty damn addictive at times, I'm only around 10 hrs in so far, but quite liking it.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor (DS) I've been slowly getting into this one, its a hybrid srpg/turn based rpg with a pretty cool demon recruitment and fusion system. Pick it up if you like SMT games definitely, or are just looking for a good story in a DS RPG. You'll need some patience though, as some of the battles have kinda cheap failure requirements (wrong word, but hopefully you know what I mean)

Anyway, I really wanna get back to ME2 heheh. Till next time =D

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