Monday, May 24, 2010

Now Playing - "Invincible shoes!"

Aww man, forget to write this up earlier today (I usually aim to get these posted on Sunday.) Nevertheless, I'll go ahead and warble about the games I've been playing this week.

Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days (PSP) For the most part, this has been the support game, when I'm bored of Suikoden or away out with no access to a computer (for FAQs since I don't wanna miss anymore chars in Tierkreis ;_;) So as a result, I've not progressed very far since last time I don't think. I'm on Chapter 6, the colosseum one, and just in the middle of doing some grinding to get my Thief levelled high so I can steal some gear ;D 

Still quite liking it, but the story or character assortment hasn't impressed me as much as the first Disgaea game really. I absolutely love the depth of Disgaea games though, I always seem to learn new things each time I play (or most), which I think is one key diagnostic feature of a good srpg-plenty of depth, too much perhaps.

One game I wish I had a bit more depth is the other game I've been playing~Suikoden Tierkreis (DS)..the battles are not the worst I've seen in a turn-based RPG by any means but the game is pretty damn long, and the battles have started to get annoying and boring at times.

I'm attempting to recruit as many people as I can, so far there are 2 I cant get now, so aiming for 106/108...but to be honest it is getting a bit tedious recruiting boring chars. Adds so much time to my game clock...and to be honest I just wanna crack on with the story and see how it ends.

We shall see...I might play a bit more in the next few days but not too much. My last exam is coming up on Thursday so I've not had much time to play games in general. I'll aim to get another chapter done in the next day or two. 

I played a little bit more Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)-trying to max out all my Roles for each character..takes so long. I'm determined to platinum it eventually though. The postgame is really not that good. Its just grinding and missions really, as well as trying to get all the items and accessories...I'm not looking forward to that (I've only got like 1 Trapehezadron at most)

I also tried the demo of Dante's Inferno that I downloaded a while back on the PS3. I'm not entirely convinced by the demo, but I like it more than the Darksiders demo that I tried. I was stuck for goddamn ages trying to twirl the analogue sticks and click them to finish off death when a button prompt came up on screen. It looked so much like thumbsticks, eventually I looked online and found a lot of people had wondered how to beat the same enemy, and it turns out it was in fact the circle button, not the sticks. I'd probably only pick Dante's Inferno up cheap (£10ish), perhaps Bayonetta before I get it. Still, I need to send off my xbox cos I'd rather play Bayonetta on the 360 than PS3.

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