Sunday, May 30, 2010

Now Playing - "Bizarre Jelly"

Not really been playing much of anything this week since I had my exam earlier on in the week. I started up another game actually, wanted to get some of my Wii games out the way so I could pick up Fragile Dreams soon, so I started up No More Heroes (Wii) and I've put a few hours into it so far. Actually I'm kinda near the end now, I'm the 5th Ranked assassin, so just this next boss and then 3 more after it I think. Its got some really cool references and quirks, but I'm really not liking the blandness of some of the environments and the damn tedious padding side missions and jobs. It is pretty graphic and mature but also kinda funny in places-it really does not take itself too seriously, which is a good thing I think. But one thing I realise now is that the PAL version got edited a lot from the US version, which kinda sucks. There are entire scenes that are different apparantely.

Definitely check it out if you like quirky, otaku-ish references, samurai films, 8-bit games, mecha or other stuff, its got it all in here from what I've seen so far.

Not sure if I've enjoyed No More Heroes quite as much as I thought I would...seriously, I should lower my expectations of games in general...I expect too much. Not saying this is terrible, but I think if my opinion doesn't ramp up before the end, I won't bother picking up the 2nd game.

Still slowly slugging away at Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days (PSP) but its mostly been other games than this and Suikoden: Tierkreis (DS) that I've been playing. I'm still on Chapter 6 or so on Disgaea, starting to get used to some of the gameplay things, and its starting to get a bit more grindy, level jumps are gettting annoying, but I think I said already that this one seemed much easier to level in than the first game. I'm still not really liking many of the characters as much as the previous game, but still these are both pretty good games. So far, they would both be 3 or 4/5 games...but I've not finished either, so I'll think about what I think of them once I finish them.

I've kind of decided to drop the Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) post-game for a while now, I eventually got all the character's roles maxed and beat the Long Gui. I'm definitely not going for treasure hunter or 5 starring the missions. Not until I feel REALLY fuckin bored...

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