Thursday, June 3, 2010

Now Playing - "I've never seen a hell before."

This week I've put a lot more time into Suikoden Tierkreis (DS) and finished it off actually. Took me a bloody long time(between 75 and 80 hours!) but I enjoyed it for the most part..

So what did I think? I would've enjoyed it quite a bit more if it was shorter, it took me a long time to get through (although it might be because I tried to do a lot of the quests and recruit all 108...I ended up missing 3 of the characters though T_T). Still, the game can be finished in more like 30-40 hours. I did actually enjoy a lot of the story and characters, but certain things started to grate on my nerves a bit after playing it for so long. Mainly the (ever-increasingly boring battles) and some of the voice acting at times. Its cool that a game on the DS can have a lot of voice acting and cutscenes packed in, but I really wish they had tightened some things up, for example the glitches and bugs throughout, they could surely have been seen in playtesting. One of my pet hates is glitches/bugs in games, especially when they are common and easy to find.

Some script issues as well in this, but otherwise, its a pretty good turn based rpg. I don't know how it compares to the rest of the series (some people have said its quite a departure), but its got me interested, I'd probably check out more of the series from here. I have Suikoden IV on the PS2, but V is supposed to be a lot better. I might check that one if I can find it cheap (doubt I will find it)

So after finishing Suikoden up, I continued on with my Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days save. I just finished the Battle arena chapters, and I'm now on chapter 9(out of 12?). I reckon I've got a good variety of classes levelled up in my squad, cos it has worked so far. I made sure to have an extra fighter or two, one of each type of elemental mage, a cleric and thief as my core force. I'm probably gonna have a look for some extra ones to recruit though (although it could be slightly annoying having to start from lv.1)

I'm liking some of the tweaks to the levelling in this game(I might have talked about this already). Its made things quite a bit easier to keep my cleric up to speed with the rest of them. (I never really thought of using a bow on them to be honest, and took the games advice, and so far I'm glad I did. Although, I'm sure you get some good support skills for having a high Staff proficiency, which is what I'd normally use)

The story so far is a bit lacking in places, but hopefully it will get even more interesting as it goes on. I dunno, perhaps it just doesn't quite live up to the first game's story or something. Still, its a pretty enjoyable and funny game, to be expected of Disgaea.