Monday, June 28, 2010

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So again I'm slightly late in putting this up. Not been in much of a mood to update the blog really recently. Still, I'll put up a little post on what I've been playing this week. So I finally received Demon's Souls (PS3) from Amazon, got the European Black Phantom edition as it was only just released here. So I've only put around 5 hrs in total into it, and things are starting to click. I initially started with a Temple Knight and although she was strong with the halberd, I was getting owned by the stronger enemies. So I started over once I was getting used to the system (but also getting frustrated.) Started up with a Royal class (spellcaster) and found it MUCH easier so far. Like, the boss of 1-1 fell really easily once I figured out what to do. Barely put me in danger. 

I'm pretty intrigued by the game so far, I love the dark tone it has. And the little innovative touches the game has from the PSN online support are quite damn cool. I like to play it cautious most of the time, reading other people's messages and watching how they died. Looking forward to putting more time into this, but I am aiming to finish Sakura Wars before I do. I was trying to get through Sakura Wars in a couple days before DS arrived, but the World Cup more or less distracted me from that. 

I'm liking Sakura Wars: So Long my Love (Wii) as well, but there are things that frustrate me about it ever so slightly. The other characters will act like complete douches (usually for good reason which becomes apparent later) and then become pissed off at me. That means they wont be so effective in battle and one or two usually ends up dying in the boss battles (which makes them like you even less) But seriously, that is only a minor niggle. For the most part it is hard to get annoyed at this game, its so happy, upbeat and cheesy. Its basically like a harem/mecha anime in many respects.

Diablo II (PC) ~ I played a little more of this, still on Act I because its basically on the backburner. But still awesome, I've actually gotten a fair few rare items, 1 set shield and 1 unique halberd. A fairly lucky haul so far for only having put a few hours into it.

I finished up Castlevania: Curse of Darkness (PS2) near the start of the week actually, its quite average compared to some of the other Castlevania games, but I did like it at times, I did enjoy the weapon crafting system and the Innocent Devils, they added to what would have been quite boring at times. Some pretty cool animations for attacks and whatnot, but they basically pallet swap in enemies so there isnt a whole lot of variation (but hey, this is Castlevania so that is ok =p) 

An average-ish game: I don't know if I'll ever go back to it. I am considering getting the other PS2 title, Lament of Innocence. We shall see. Anyway..sorry for this rather crappy Now Playing post, its all been a bit half-hearted recently.

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