Sunday, June 13, 2010

Now Playing - "I travelled to the edge of oblivion"

Having finished off Disgaea 2 the other week, I started up Tales of Eternia (PSP). I kind of wanted something action-y after mostly playing strategy rpgs and turn based rpgs for a while. I'm only around 6 hours in so far, and having not played many Tales games, I'm finding it hard at times. I reckon if I play it more I will get more used to the gameplay, particularly the battles. At the moment, I'm not liking how my AI controlled characters overuse their skills, meaning its hard to keep MP for later stages in the dungeons etc...

I've been wanting to finish off Final Fantasy X (PS2) as well, since I've been stuck at the final boss for a while now, so I got some help from my friends to get a few things I missed when I was playing through. Now that I've grinded a bit, I am just taking on the final boss, we shall see how it goes... Jecht always seemed to own me because I really didn't grind enough or do any of the optional stuff (I was on a time limit to finish the story)

I have to say, its not my favourite of the many things I don't enjoy: the characters, the voice acting, the sphere grid...Its got a strong battle system though. 

Hopefully I'll finish up FFX and see if my opinion changes at all on it.

Anyway, I had a recent urge to play Diablo II (PC) for some reason, so I installed that and started up an Elemental druid, since I've never played through as one of them. I only really put in an hour or two so far, but I'm liking this game as always. Good simple hack and slash rpg. 


Anonymous said...

So. Um.. Nice blog here. Are you Chris from Scotland? Happen to know how your info got on my account on RPGamer, and how a link to this blog got into my signature there? Not calling you a thief or anything. Just trying to figure out what happened.

Berserk_Alucard said...

Yeah thats me. A couple months ago, before RPGamer replaced their board software they were having a lot of problems with it and some people's profile choices were somehow transferred to all the members across the boards. The staff said it was down to some kind of glitch or something.

So when I tried to update my profile, it put links into everyone else's sigs somehow.

Similar things also happened to other people, which changed every member's avatar and I still haven't figured out how to change mine back lol... I think they migrated the boards to some better software now and it hasn't had problems, which is good.

Umm, here is the link of the topic where they were talking about this back when it happened:;f=6;t=19183

To change your sig on the boards, click on the link in the top left to My Account, then Profile Options.

Sorry for any inconvenience, it wasn't my fault really but I still feel bad though.