Friday, September 18, 2009

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Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP)

I've been playing this a few hours every day since it arrived and I finally beat it today. Woohoo! Still, even postgame, there is a whole load more to do. I've beaten all the Destiny Odyssey stories and I've only beaten Shade Impulse with one character so far-Onion Knight. Out of all the characters I have at the moment, I'd say I like him the best in terms of fighting style.

Now that I beat the game (the credits rolled) and I unlocked a few more story chapters and a new mode~The Duel Colosseum. So I'm probably gonna take a break from Dissidia for a while and play some other games. Then I'll work on more Shade Impulse playthroughs with the other characters and then delve into the new story chapters.

Its a damn addictive game, moreso than I thought it would be, I've already put in about 50 or so hours in roughly 10 days. I'd definitely recommend it once again.

Its basically been all I've played since last time, but I've also played a couple hours of...

Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)

 I put this on for a little bit more and bathed in the claret blood of a few more poor unfortunate Colossi. I'm getting more and more impressed as it goes on, some of the Colossi are really well designed and some of them take quite a while to figure out how to kill.

This one (pictured) took me a good hour (around the same time for me as the first two of them) to figure out the attack patterns, climb up to where I needed to and stab the crap out of it until it went down.

The sense of scale, not only of the Colossi but the game world as well really gives the game atmosphere. On the last one I beat, the 5th I think, you manage to attract this flying giant down near the earth and grab onto its wing. It then takes you around this lake and the massive ruined towers below. So with the wind and rain whistling by, you have to hang on for dear life and try and take this thing down. Here's a pic. The game is gorgeous for a ps2 game. The music really is amazing as well, it adds to the epicness.


If you can track Shadow of the Colossus down, I'd say you should. It and ico go for quite high prices at times, but not ridiculously so. They are really well praised games, and although I've not played Ico, I can see where all the hype has been about Sotc (I cant make that grammatically not fail somehow)

I'm also probably gonna play more of Symphony of the Night, but I havent really been able to break free of Dissidia yet... maybe now I've reached the postgame I might be able to.


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