Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rant Mode Turn On!

I dunno...some little, minor stuff really seems to annoy me at times. Like on Ebay, I occasionally buy stuff off there (mostly games) and little things piss me off. Like when I leave feedback for someone and the seller just doesnt bother leaving it for me. Thats not really the main thing though, as its feedback. I mean, the game arrived in a few days and everything, so I'm not entirely bothered about a little positive feedback. Still, if they see themselves as efficient sellers, shouldnt they give out feedback? I can see why they dont necessarily, some sellers might have a lot of transactions to deal with...but still, get with it people!

And other times, stuff hasnt arrived at mine. I've bought whatever items they might have been. Admittedly, I don't think it has really happened in a while, it was mostly back when I used to play CCG's and TCG's like Magic and Yugioh. It was pretty fricken annoying when I spent like a tenner on a card and they hadnt given the option for recorded or insured posting so when it got lost in the post, or they just didnt send it (its a goddamn possibility, and it makes sense) I was £10 and they could actually keep it or sell it again for more profit. So its fuckin things like these that piss me off about ebay, that and the stupid amount of money I end up spending on it. 

If they can change anything about it, sellers should be more flexible, they should offer other options for shipment, just as they do for payment options. 

I've also been getting dissapointed with football, both club (Celtic FC) and country (Scotland), performing badly... I mean, Hapoel Tel Aviv were so bad in the first the hell did they manage to win in the end? Cos Celtic didnt go out and get more goals, and cos they got more and more into the game as a result of Celtic just becoming more slack....

And don't even get me started on Scotland's failure to qualify for World Cup 2010 in South Africa...

Gah..thats enough of minor stuff niggling at my brain like some kind of pestilence. Its not even that it annoys me that much, just slightly. Like this is a minor-rant, or half-rant.

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