Thursday, September 10, 2009

TV Choice #2

Deadliest Warrior
Currently ongoing, this show is kinda similar to Mythbusters and those programs where they try to show how different weapons etc compare by a series of tests. I mean, its entertaining even if it is a bit scary at times, however it does kinda annoy me at times when they don't give similar variables and tests to each weapon. It doesn't always seem to be too fair at times. What I mean when I say it is kinda "scary" is basically that they show what these weapons can do to pig carcasses and ballistics gel torsos and heads (which closely represent human flesh and bone) and it is kinda ridiculous at times. Some of these weapons are brutal in what they can do.

The premise behind this one is basically that they take myths and urban legends and stuff and put them to the test with experiments, machines in order to see if there is any truth behind them. They usually end up blowing a lot of stuff up and destroying lots of things. Check it out on youtube, or on tv if you can. Its on a couple different channels I think.

The X-Files
(Virgin 1, others)
This is one TV show I really got obsessed with. Its pretty old now, having started way back in the 90's but I watched all the series recently and if cult sci-fi/drama with paranormal, conspiracy type stuff is your thing you'll probably agree with me. Its not for everyone, but I'd recommend it. I have the boxset of all the dvds =D

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